Octane rating or ethanol. Which is more

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Basilhayden, Sep 30, 2012.

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    exactly my point, somebody is making money off of it. diesel, by all accounts, should be cheaper than gasoline regardless of how much we need. someone saw an increased demand and started jacking up prices, it's pretty simple given its very steep price increase in just the past 10 years. if you were to plot the price of diesel vs demand in the past 10 years, i'd almost guarantee that price is a much steeper graph. when diesel goes up everything else goes up too because they use diesel to stock your stores with everything.
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    Also don't forget that diesel is also #2 heating oil. Last winter was very mild in many parts of the country that use oil for heating so I'm not surprised that they want to recoup the loss. I also think the cost of #2 oil is even more unconscionable than diesel. At least truckers can jack up their prices to cover the increased cost of diesel. But here they have people over a barrel trying to heat their homes.
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    Not pro alcohol unless we are talking beverages though I am pro cleaner air. But agree that many laws only get passed to make special interests rich and gov. intrude into and control our personal lives.

    The only damaged equipment comes form the small engine manufacturers that refuse to use upgrade the quality of the materials they choose to use in the manufacture of their products. And users of such equipment leaving gas in the carbs for extended time without running dry or starting them up once a month to get the stale gas out of the carb/fuel injector/fuel lines, as well as those that continue to use stale gas are equal to the blame. You know the ones that have gas sitting in a can since Nov and pick it up in April to use.

    Alcohol in gasoline has not caused me fuel system problems.
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    Partially correct. The largest reason diesel is more expensive is when they converted to ultra low sulphur. The added refining costs more.
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    Yes, I realize that. I have to laugh also after watching the debates last night. Does anyone realize that the government subsidizes the oil industry to the tune of billions of dollars when their profits are in the billions? What this country needs is regulation and price controls on diesel and gasoline like other countries that subsidize their oil industry. You want billions? Gasoline sells for $2 a gallon, diesel for $1.75 and can't be raised without approval. I'll tell you, if they did that it would jump start the economy almost overnight.
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    I like my alcohol beverages in bottles. Can't stand the metallic taste that one gets from cans.

    Color of the glass is secondary to me. I prefer green or clear glass bottles over brown colored glass bottles.

    Won't touch no alcohol if it's in light beer bottle.

    Then no alcohol from a box either. They can keep that wine in a box.

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