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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by JSmith86, Jul 12, 2012.

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    I recently moved to this home and wanted to fix up the lawn. Early spring I did some soil work and put down preemergent fertilizer and overseeded the lawn. The result I got is in the pictures below. There's just spaces where the grass is booming to the point I need to mow it weekly at 3 inches to keep it in check and other spots which aren't yellow or brown, but green, yet seem to not grow at all, even over the course of a month. So I was wondering what the opinions are of the pros as to what the heck is wrong here. Yellow is the quickly growing stuff, red is the stuff that's just not growing at all.



    Also there's an orange tree in the back that I put a feeding spike into, the grass around it looks magnificent for about a foot, so I figured maybe the soil has just been neglected for a decade+ so I put down another feeding about 3 months later, and it perked up for a short bit but not too long. So is it just odd coincidence about the the grass near the orange tree feeding spike, or do I just need to throw on a bag a month onto this lawn, or is it missing on micro-nutrients that the spike probably provides but a normal everyday feeding fertilizer isn't going to?


    Thanks for the help :usflag:
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    Assuming the grasses are the same in the two areas, the difference would almost certainly be that when fertilizer was put down, it missed that area, or was doubled up in the other areas because of multiple passes (overlap, for example). If there is no disease or other issues, there is no reason to worry about it and just cut everything at the same time every time. If it annoys you beyond reason then carefully apply a light layer of fert to that one area as long as it is done on a cool day and with irrigation.
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    What kind of grass are you growing in Kissimee ?

    You put down a pre-emergent and then seeded into that same area ? That will stunt the new grass for sure. And you seeded in the spring ? Seed cool season grass only in the fall. Seed warm season grass in the spring. But that grass is fine right now, you won't be able to tell there was a problem there next spring. Have patience, a nice stand of grass can take year's, not month's.

    The good grass around your orange tree probably came from the soil being dug up for that tree. I'll bet it has very little to do with that spike.

    That sewer clean-out in the picture is too high, it could be mower food real easily. and what is that black thing between the red and yellow line's in the picture ?
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    That was a misuse of terms on my part there, I didn't mean a preemergent weed killer, but starter fertilizer I guess, just high in phosphorus before the grass seed germinated. The grass was growing right around where I put the spike in for the orange tree, not all around the tree perimeter so I don't know, was just a guess. I've been advised I should switch to an applied citrus feeding fertilizer anyway, not the spikes.

    And yah I know I know I need to trim down the sewer pipe and the black thing is the rubber barrier rim of a dead bush I pulled out, was just sticks. Still need to fill it in and grass the hole over.

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