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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Dec 19, 2002.

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    you guys are great to mess with. since alot of you are employers, id like to share my nightmare with you and have your opinions. at my "real job", i am a crew leader. i oversee 5 employees and a large piece of machinery. each crew member has their own title and job description . anything not in a "job description", becomes my responsibility. im to choose one of the members based on experience, and asign them tasks. well, about 4 yrs ago, i became the recipient of a helper with a disability. we will call him joe. joe has attention deficit disorder, and suffers from paranoia and depression. he was at the time, in the lowest position on my crew, even though he was there longer than most of the others. it came time to promote someone, and the management approached me and asked if i would mind taking a shot with joe. since joe and i got along well, and i felt i had gained his trust, and he really did put in alot of effort, i said sure, id give it a crack. well, joe has evolved to what i believe is his personal absolute best. he cant get any better, he just doesnt have it. joes "disability" causes him to act irate and violent at times. when put under any pressure, he erupts. one time he shoved me in a fit of rage, cus i told him to hurry up, i ignored it. i am, and have been for 4 yrs now working harder than i should, doing some of his work to cover for him. well, its got to the point now where if joe cant handle it, my supervisor expects me to do his work. ive repeatedly explained to the management that joe isnt cuttin it, we should put him back to his old position, as the extra workload has become too much for me to handle. they ignore me. last night was the last straw, i caught a bag of crap cus joe took 2.5 hrs to do a job that would take another person 45 min to do. today i filed a harrassment complaint with the personel dept. i have had it! any comments, opinions, any been in a situation like this? thanx
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    I know somebody like this. I don't work with him by choice. I know that one day he will wind up getting himself killed by either freaking out, or doing something really dumb. I don't know what to tell you other than to stay away from him, and alert your employer that this person poses a hazard to themselves, clients, and is a major liability.
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    AHHH...ADD the great leveler of the playing field! Just wait a few more years for some to graduate and you'll get the next great deal ...BIPOLAR.

    People used to be ashamed when they acted badly, and got fired when they couldn't perform. Now they get "A disability condition that needs to be treated and understood."
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    There is always the alternative that your employers send him for an evaluation by a psychiatrist / psycologist. That would probably help. Drugs, when used properly never hurt anybody.
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    First off I would love to know what machinery you work with. My Father had a biz that we bought and sold metal working machinery (Chip making and Fab stuff).

    If you are in "CHARGE" and responsible to the point of having to do another employee's work for your team then you should have the authority to either demote him or fire him. I cant see it being fair for your employer to make you responsible for all the teams work and yet not give you control of who is on the team.

    I would take it up with management or who ever is the highest in the company that you trust will give you a fair listening ear and explain the whole deal and how you feel with the work load and all. Just be honest with them and please dont make threats. If you do.....well we all know what will happen.

    Good luck. I hope it gets better for you. None of us need stress like that. Hang in there dude! :)
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    I've been in the same situation as you before. I am a lead man for a press stamping/fab company. I would simply state to my supervisor that this person is a safety hazzard. You and the employees that you are responsible for should all voice your concerns. I don't know what kind of machinery you operate but if he can't concentrate on his work, he is a accident waiting to happen. I know if one of my guys were to shove me in a rage, they woundn't be working with me anymore, abuse on the job should not be tolerated. The company I work for has a safety commitee that handles these types of situations. Maybe that would be a possibility? I know I wouldn't give up on this, keep pushing management until they address the situation. Safety is #1 concern.

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    Bobby, I would have gone over my bosses head and meet with their boss to discuss this issue. I totally agree with you that this should not be your responsibility unless you are compensated for it. From what you are describing this really sounds like "they" are asking you to do the work of two employees. I would also talk with member of management about your current situation. Since you are in charge of a team your should have a little more authority then you do. Rather then make you a supervisor with the ability to review employees and terminate employees "they" have instead just made you a team leader. A team leader is responsible for the actions of the team but does not have the authority to do anything to make the team successful other then do the work yourself. I with you the best of luck on getting this resolved.


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    Sounds like to me that management has got them selfs in a bind and dont know how to get out of it , The Joe guy has a disability and they know it but if they fire him or demote him they are afraid he will file a lawsuit of some kind to get his job back yelling discrimanation all the way to the court room. And we do live in a world where anybody can sue anybody for anything . The sad thing is even tho you are so right as Joe being a Safety liability he will probally win in court as some judges and jurys are blind to the real issue . Just wait till he gets hurt or killed then it will be your fault not managements
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    Doesn't this company ever suffer from slow times that result in folks having to take a lay-off?

    "Sorry Joe, business is down and we've just got to let someone go."
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    I'm autistic and i just get along fine (with my equipment) they don't talk back and they just keep on working without talking back! It's the workers and customers I don't do well with!

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