Odd request...?.....blade edge for her current lawn service...?

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Odd request...?.....Homeowner wants me to blade edge overgrown grass along sidewalks and driveway edges and fix the trimming even though another Co. or person mows the lawn. The other Co. does tapered scalped edging and there is moss in many places even in direct sun areas and I’m sure these areas turn brown in the summer. If I agree to edge her lawn she will tell the other Co. to stop string trimming but for them to continue to just mow..... and I will just maintain edges and trim.

I’m not sure if this is a sympathy case or she feels bad for the individual mowing the lawn or the price is super cheap....:confused:

The home owner has seen my edging on other lawns in the area she likes the manicured look.

Would you do it or skip it?


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I don't think I would do that, either tell them you would like to rake care of it all, or pass. If you decide to do it at least make it worth your while.
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yeah that's a weird one. i have someone that asks me to help them in the spring and fall doing cleanups around their property but they get someone else to mow it all season. maybe it's because they were already mowing it before i came around? i just wonder why they don't get them to do the cleanups? it doesn't make any sense to me but whatever. as long as they pay you for the work you do then go with it i guess. :laugh:


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I would do it if I'm right next door or across the street from this person.

there is a lady I "blade edge" as you are calling it every other week. she mows and trims her own lawn but lives next door to a weekly client.


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All or none IMO. Choping up your time is a waste unless the job is big. You might be a nice guy and tell her you will do it once, but after that you simply cant "afford" to do it.

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I'd either pass. or charge her a LOT, then tell her it would be cheaper for her to just hire you to do it all since it wouldn't be that much more for total maintenance.

I don't like the idea of homeowners playing one LCO against another just to get something for cheap, or to get the best in all areas of their lawn care.


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Do it! I dont see the problem with that. I have 4 or 5 people who have other companies cut the grass and they even edge but it looks like poop. Im right next door and I do them every other week and charge 15 bucks and it takes me 5 minutes! there are different reasons why one person has family cut it , another is a friend of a friend , some people have switched to me after they like that work . Whatever the reason is I really dont care but I charge them and make money


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I'm right next door and making money. $15 every other week for 5 min of work. and maybe they will end up using you for mowing. I already have the edger out doing my clients so what's the big deal?