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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ocutter, Mar 11, 2001.

  1. Ocutter

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    One customer of mine has a pie shaped lot. The tip in the back is 9' wide and spans out to 206' in the front. How would I calculate the s.f.?
  2. joshua

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    if my math is right 9feet plus 206 feet divided by 2 times the lenght of the lot.
  3. Roger

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    We need more information. Is it truly a pie shape, that is the rear is circular with a 9' arc, and the front is circular with an arc of 206'? What is the radius? IOW, if you follow the sides to a point, can we presume that to be the center of the circle? And, if so, then what is the radius to the 9' arc, and the radius to the 206' arc? If this is the configuration, then the sq ft calculation is straightforward. If the configuration is different than I descibed, then we need more info regarding the exact configuration.

  4. kutnkru

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    Lets say that you took measurements at 25ft of 68ft wide, at 50ft of 170ft wide, at 75ft of 145ft. We know that the smallest denominator is 9ft wide and the largest is 206ft wide.

    I would then multiply the two largest denominators to come up with the figures I use for calculating the area. This would be the 50ft measurement of 170ft and the curbside measurement of 206ft.

    Multiply them:
    206 x 100= 20,600
    170 x 100= 17,000

    Subtract the smallest denominator from the largest. Then divide this figure in half and subtract it from the largest denominator:
    20,600 - 17,000= 3600 /2=1800
    20,600 - 1,800= 18,800

    I would estimate services for this turf area at 18,800.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Chopper Lover

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    I would like to post a bunch of diagrams of shapes with mathematical equations to determine the area. I found it to be very helpful. It will probably help you also.

    Here is the dilemma...

    How do you post a picture? I know it is simple, I just don't know how. Should you want the diagram earlier before I can figure out how to post it, just e-mail me with a related subject heading so I won't delete.

  6. Richard Martin

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    The quickest way is to turn it into 2 squares.

    Like this:

    Lets assume the lot is 400 ft. long.

    Take the 9 ft. on one end and multiply it by the 400 ft. length for a total of 3600 sq. ft.

    Now subtract the 9 ft. area that we just figured up from the 206 ft. width at the other end for 197 ft.

    Multiply 197 times the 400 ft. length for a total of 78,800. Now divide that by 2 because we only need the area of the triangle (pie shaped).

    Add 39400 plus 3600 equals 42600 sq. ft.
  7. plow kid

    plow kid Banned
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    a piece of pie yumm :D is a a triangle, so go base X hight devided by 2 equals square footage, inches exc.
    base = 206'
    height = 400'

    41,200sq ft.
    total = 2 )82400
  8. Ocutter

    Ocutter LawnSite Senior Member
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    Wow a lot of info here to digest. The customer got back to me and mentioned that the builders plan was around an acre. I'll print out and keep these calculations handy. Thanks all.
  9. cst51

    cst51 LawnSite Member
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    I do what plow kid said. It's basically a triangle. 1/2( L X H).
    It will be very difficult to figure exactly how many square feet an odd shaped lawn is unless you get the dang thing surveyed!!! Do your best, look at your figures and try to determine if that price is worth it to you.
    Good Luck-Cary
  10. RNH

    RNH LawnSite Member
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    I have found it very simple for me. I walk the property and look how much trimming and mowing is involved, Then I look at the customer as if I know what I'm doing and give them a price that I'm going to be happy with. I have found that if I give them a price to low and I'm not happy with it. I end up hating myself later for it. Basicly bid the job so that your happy with it. not to were you feel you cheeted yourself later. Eye Ball It... Haaaaaaaa...

    Ron Helsel
    RNH Property Service...

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