Oddball spring and Slice overseeding existing lawns

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, May 3, 2013.

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    Larry...do you 'guarantee' overseed jobs? I do not. I cannot see how I can offer any guarantee when there is no way of know if the customer will water AND no way of knowing what is a 'good' germination rate on their lawn.
    I just put the disclaimer right up front, and on their invoice.
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    About the most you can do is give them a copy of the seed label, and tell them they have to sue the seed company or the state of Oregon, if they think the seed is bad. Let them argue with the professional seed-testing labs. Be ready to show them other lawns nearby that came in just fine. Save a sample of the seed so that your lawyer can prove the seed is fine, and weeds are at the level listed on the test.
    Of course, you have to convince them that you used the proper amount of seed and that you applied it correctly.
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    We are feeling the same pressures right now also. Too wet to be on the lawns even with the slice seeder in April and rain/snow in May has prevented us from getting to all of the seeding that we have on the list. Now seeing some areas that look like a tall fescue popping up in the thin areas from the drought last year. I know that my customers will not water the new seed if we were to put it down and I feel it is getting too late to seed to get good results. What do others think about timing and the weed pressures right now for our area?
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    I gave up a long time ago trying to get any machine of the turf in Spring... Once the snow is gone you can see the bare spot and use a garden weasel type tool to get the job done early...
    It goes quicker with a pail of seed and the tool then you can load the seeder, unload the seeder, prep the seeder and run lots of seed through it and load back up again... If lawns were bad enough to require a complete coverage with a slit-seeder that should have been done in the Fall, so I would not plan on any slit seeding in the Spring, unless you do get lucky with the soil thawing thoroghly and firming up early...

    After the second mowing I'll be out again with the weasel and a pail of seed in order that it has an eaqual chance as the CG,,, but of course I'll be cutting high when CG weather comes... this give the advantage to the cool season perennials, to germinate first... they love the warm soil temps, cooler shade of it neighbors,, and the mulch clippings of their ancestors... :)

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