# of days without rain prior to aeraion

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by GripB, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. GripB

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    Local weather prediction here in South Eastern, PA (thanks to hurricane Frances) is calling for rain Tues. (pm), Wed., Thurs. and possibly Friday. I was planing on aerating on Saturday. Question for you pros is, can/will the soil be too moist to properly aerate?
  2. Drew Gemma

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    If you use a core aerator you should have no problem. Remember you can not over plug a yard it will heal. I am in Ohio and I will be starting aeration and over seeding Thursday. What kind of aerator are you using. Walk behind or pull behind.I pull them in the rain.If you have any problems send me a message or need advise.
  3. F6Hawk

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    that if you are on harder soil, and it is not moist, you may have a hard time getting down more than 1". It is often recommended to water the day prior to coring. Unless the soil is muddy and sticking to the machine, you should be ok.
  4. Rtom45

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    I was at the in-laws this past weekend (Harrisburg-Lancaster area), and the ground was really dry there. A couple days of rain would help quite a bit. As long as you can aerate without damaging the lawn with the machine (tire ruts, torn grass on turns,...) go for it.

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