# of lawns in a day???


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Im going to get my company started up this spring(late april)and I am trying to figure out how many lawns I can do(cut,trim) in the week. Monday to friday about 35-40 hours. Most of my customers have yards that range from 6000 -8000 square feet and there is very minimal travel time involved. I have 2 21" mowers and will be with one other employee.

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When I started, we did about 75 a week with 2 19" Lawn Boys... But the yards were smaller.. around 3000-5000 sq ft


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Depends on how much traveling you want to do and how hard you want to work. I have one neighborhood that I have 28 accounts in. This cuts way down on travel time and increases production.


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I've been doing this long enough(whether you believe it or not I really don't care) to realize that if 2 guys work their a--s off all day and mow average size yards (1/3- 1/2 acres) and use professional equipment ie., Zs,WBs,gas stick edgers, trimmers , blowers and have between 1/2 and 1 hour windshield time no way do they do 20 plus jobs a day.If 2 guys can do this more than a week they will BURN OUT. If you say you doing this then your smoking the weed. I know theres alot of guys out there who would disagree , bring it on.