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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by L4athes lawncare, Feb 11, 2008.

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    Hey guys...I am trying to grow my business, would like to go full time. I have a 42"sd walker, 21" push, trimmer, and backpack blower. I am wanting to focus on residential here in North MO, but am thinking about cemeteries too. How many residentials do you think 1 guy could take care of in a 5 day week. Just mow, trim and blow. I want to do as many as I can and still do good quality work. THANKS for the help!!!
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    If you doing full service customers with what you have I would think 10 a day would be a reasonable amount unless you want to kill yourself. Sure you could do more but you need to leave some room in your schedule for thing like rain, repairs, additional work and so on. I would only schedule work 4 out of 5 days and weekends off if I were you so you would have a catch up day but thats me.
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    I agree with lawn pro. U never kno when it is gonna rain. Id take the weekends off because u might need that weekend to catch up if lets say it rains on weds or thurs. But does it rain alot from where the OP is from?
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    I go with a 3 day cutting week so i never have to worry about rain or problems. That way I have the time to do other jobs mulch etc. I cut Wends Thurs Fri do my paperwork on Mondays when needed. Then it depends on the size lawns you want
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    I can tell you this one very easy

    But first, you have to tell me what color my truck is.

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