# of rain days ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, May 19, 2004.

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    I keep all kinds of work/job data so I can look at it over thewinter and see where I'm making/losing money. Its been very helpful the past couple years.

    has anyone keep a reasonably accurate record of how many rain days we've had in the MidAtlantic region since March 1?

    I have a few customers who are starting to get really impatient with the fact their landscape work is late because of wet ground and/or the fact we have to cut everything every 4 days. Not complaining as rain is a fact of our buisness...but man this year feels worse than last year.

    Hey Bobby...yes the rain does stress me out a bit. I know I know, the guys say "dont sweat the small stuff." Well IMHO, rain every 2 days is not exactly "small stuff" when you have to keep telling good customers ," be patient we're doing the best we can and mowing must take priority"
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    I hear that. Im in Indiana, and it has been rainy for a couple of weeks now. It gets very annoying, and the fact that everyone doesnt want their lawn cut every 4 days makes it even worse. Oh well.


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