Off road fuel vs On road fuel

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by o-so-n-so, Feb 26, 2003.

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    Hey i am all for it but he wants a pisssing contest about how he is the ultimate fighter. frankly i could careless what that inbreed has to say or how he 'thinks' he is the baddest half breed in west virginia.
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    Wow, did this thread go to sh!t or what? Had some really good reading till two people began to disagree on something as ******** as diesel lubrication? There was a thread on the TDR about how bosch tested low sulphur diesel in their injection pumps and concluded that it did have less lubrication for their CP3 injection pump than regular #2. Why? I dont know and am not going to take a guess, but somehow reduced sulphur does make an impact on diesel fuel. Simple as that, stop b!tchin at each other.

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    We use KY jelly in the exhaust pipes of all our no sulfer vehicles. It's kind of messy, and it lubricates and reduces friction the truck can enter into marathon status without the risk of burns from friction!
  4. Grass Man

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    .... Oh my, I never thought diesel fuel was so importain :rolleyes:.

  5. C&KLawnCare

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    Re: Hey dickhead


    Your telling me to grow up? you need to take a look at yourself first. You must have the little dick syndrome. seems like your bullshit mouth makes up for what you lack elsewhere. go **** your mother or your father. which ever you please. dont forget about the goats either

    Originally Posted by C&KLawnCare your the muther___ that has mental issuse u stupid inbred bastard . Id love to see you talk this crap in front of me because your stupid brainless ass would stand up about 5 seconds till i pounded your ass into the ground grow up ya stupid ********** just grow the **** up

    they have medication and hospitials for your mental issues. cb radio hahaha inbreed hahaha squeel like a pig. you have all of your teeth?

    Yea he is all for it this is the crap from my pm box and more he goes the more pissed i get, Someone in NC knock the **** out of this 23 year old thats been in buisness 9 years ROFLMAO,

    Talking about parents scaby is a good damn way to get knocked on your fat ass pal
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    Quit the damn pissing contest and grow the hell up and quit making this site look like crap with your baby arguments, if you want to b*tch at each other exchange e-mail addresses.
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    Now can you tell me the difference between Kerosene and Diesel?

    I wanna hear it from C&k and CrabbyScapes in the same format and mood as the following posts.

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    I knew Cara Seen, she was a hottie....
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    Lol, that straight outta the redneck dictionary on Blue Collar TV?

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    Nope. Straight out of my soon to be published book called "Billisms" A word reference of day to day things that really make a whole lot more sense being called something else!

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