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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ooo, Mar 5, 2005.

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    Im just starting a business and am trying to get an idea of my off season costs. I figure on working 7 months, and off for 5. I will probably have one guy working for me, and neither of us will be doing any work for the 5 months.

    Here is a list of things I am wondering if I have to pay for during the "Off Season" for me(the owner) and the employee (where applicable):

    Business Insurance
    Workers Comp
    Social Security
    Vehicle Insurance

    Thanks for any info you can help with.

    Ashley Landscaping
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    OOO, How is it in Pitts. Pa? We are about 2 1/2hrs north of you. I think we are going to have a very wet spring. Your question- If I were you I would sit down with an accountant, I sat down with a friend of mine (whos an accountant) and he set me straight on a lot of your questions. First you have to make sure you have enough work for you and a full time guy, nothing worse than having an employee standing around on your wallet. Also contact your ins. agent as far as workers comp. Mine said it would cost me about $176.00 for every f/t employee I have and $91.00 for every p/t I have (for the year).
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    Thanks for response. You must be in Erie?
    I have an appointment with a CPA next week (hes going to be a customer).
    I have $2000/wk in contracts and equipment usage, from the guy I used to work for, so Im just trying to get an idea of what I need. Hes not giving me truck/trailer and some other things, but its a good start.
  4. ooo

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    Sorry...Not 2000, ....$1500
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    Yes, you have to pay all of the above for all 12 months. It would be easier to total your yearly costs, and divide it over the 7 months that you are working. You then know the money will be there in the winter to pay bills while you are not working
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    welcome to the site ooo
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