off season customer acquisition strategies

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    I’m not even close to being too expensive here. 6/k is typical for the most affordable companies and I’ve seen 10/k for the most expensive.
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    I was gonna say you were high to but that’s better for you. It all depends on what your offering, I see a few local guys offering just weed and feed which I could do extremely cheap with everything else being an add on . I don’t offer that though because they never look right. I’m 7-8 per thousand up to 18 then around 6 up to 30 . Different areas can pay more, I price on town, ease of application, condition of the lawn and how close they are to my route. But hey get what you can, the more wealthy clients I add a 20-50 , millionaire tax. But this also allows me to take my time and do what I need to do without checking my margins.
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    Big companies usually have a base fee ( to cover overhead and cost to travel to their site), about $20. And then add about 3 dollars per thousand sqft for the labor and cost of chemicals.
    Sometimes the rate drops a bit for large properties.

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