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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kelly's Landscaping, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. Kelly's Landscaping

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    I am trying to think up some ideas to explore for winter income. I hate snow work so that is out of the question. Christmas trees wont work for me I am to busy with fall clean ups usually till about the middle of Dec. So that rules out decorating as well. Obviously I could get a job but thatÂ’s trivial income and would rather be the boss then work for someone else. The problem is there does not seem to be a whole lot out there. I would like to be able to keep my guys working in the winter. An option down the road would be to get some land and put up a few green houses and get into the flower business like my stepdad he has 50 houses and brings in several million in sales. That would require a lot of out of pocket money on my part plus selling to him wholesale is not as profitable and I would not have the time to sell my self in May as I run a landscaping business. Another thought was fire wood this has some better chances of working for one my step father allows me to dump on the farm well this year he started letting tree services do the same he has like 7 companies doing that currently he wont take the logs despite the request. So if the logs were free and all that needed to be done was cutting splitting and stacking I figure that might work. Firewood here is around 140-160 a cord. Well I guess I am rambling here I just would like some better ideas as I am not that fond of my income 3 months out of the year
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    Kelly's, Selling fire wood does not sound that bad and it won't be that much out of pocket money up front. If you already have a splitter your ahead but if not that maybe the only big thing you need the rest would be misc. items. It's your call but selling fire wood sounds like an off season money maker.

    Good Luck.
  3. Mo Green

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    I knew a couple of guys that did firewood in the winter about 5 years ago. The made a killing.
  4. Kelly's Landscaping

    Kelly's Landscaping LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Well lets say its in the lead another is a leaf disposal contract but first I need to have my dump site bonded. That is another future choice the town collection site is 2 miles from my place and the yearly contract is around 1500 tons of leaves at 49 dollars a ton but that is something I am not capable of yet I need a pay loader or 2 and real dump trucks first
  5. prizeprop

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    I also thought of doing firewood during the winter months, if for nothing else to give an income to employees during those months.If I was to at least break even or make a small profit it would be worth it, reasoning being, to help retain employees. It keeps them available for snow removal as well. Never had a problem with my current employees in the last 6 years with losing them over the winter because there no older than mid 20's age wise. But as they get older, a full 12 month income becomes a neccesity.
  6. Ric Harris

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    Snow removal might not be what you like, but your bank account statements durning the 3 to 4 month slow-down could put a smile on your face. Have you asked your workers what they want to do?

  7. grassyfras

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    Maybe learn how to put in bathrooms or ceramic tile. Thats what I would like to learn how to do part-time.
  8. Metro Lawn

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    Ever think of offering some type of indoor services? Painting, debris clean outs, duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, ect might be some. Even window washing. Firewood seems to do ok, but there is a time frame that is slow as the wood is dried and seasoned. I have neve done this, but have heard it could take a year or more.
  9. sanfordandsonfan

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    Junk Hauling. Over the past couple of winters, I have hooked up with many of my regular customers, real estate people and contractors, and haul junk to the dump. Last year it worked so well, I had a ton of work that I turned down because the grass started growing in Mid March. I have been seriously thinking of adding this own as a full-time service and hiring a two man crew. Just a suggestion.
  10. Jackman

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    Well your in the Northeast why not sell home heating oil, much more demand and money in fuel oil than wood......

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