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Off the market (for now)

Since none you you scrubs wanted to buy my 44" W-B with a killer 11hp B&S i/c I have to put the unit in service.

I have another 44" with a new 12.5 ohv engine that is going to get the exact same treatment. For real contractors know you need two of everything.

Both machines will be able to use the 5 bu toro bagger.
Double blades are a must. Gater on top stock low lift on the bottom.

A very simple OCDC can be made from a piece of metal.
On the underside of the stock discharge guard mount a piece of metal the size of the discharge opening to the bottom of the guard with 4 hinges. Drill a hole thru the guard and metal use a bolt drilled and a hitch pin to secure up when
not needed. This will help keep the clippings out of the beds in the small PITA sites.

My universal sulky mounting plate is attacted to both units so they can accept any of my stand up or sit down sulkys.

These machines will be the basis of a one man mowing crew I would like to start next spring if possible.


LawnSite Senior Member
NE Ohio

Do you have another truck and trailer to start this new crew with?

So you're going to continue with what your doing now with the fields and all and send another crew strictly for residentials.

That means that your going to have to deal with all the payroll and employees quiting and all of that.

Go get em' Toro Ranger !!