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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JDSUZUKI, Jan 25, 2010.


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    Why do you commercial cutters insist on buying products that have no history or credibility. why not stick with the equipment that actualy has a dealer network and parts network. example why buy a scag with no dealer within 100 miles or likewise why buy exmark with only a scag dealer within 100 miles. I understand not their are alot of mfgs out there but it just makes sense that you would buy a product that would benefit your business where you live. example here in northwest fla we there is no wright mower dealers but we still get people here in the shop that get pissed that we dont carry wright parts. Just seems to me that if you intend to drive 350 miles to buy a product you should expect to drive the same distance to get it serviced.
  2. Sammy

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    We don't insist.

    Maybe you should look into becoming a Wright dealer ?

    If John Deere was all that was available in my area, I would drive
    those extra miles to purchase the mower i wanted.
  3. hackitdown

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    Why do you commercial dealers whine about customers trying to buy parts?

    Maybe if you tried helping those 'off the wall' customers buy parts, they may come back for a mower. My dealer will work on anything.
  4. Richard Martin

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    Maybe because some of us don't like whatever junk it is that you sell. Quit yer bitchin'! There's a forum where you guys can get together and cry abut stuff like this. Go find it.
  5. topsites

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    Maybe it's because I'm tired of paying a LOT more than what the same dang machine cost me just a short 5 years ago,
    when I ask about it you folks call it inflation and act like ladeedah and I say for $700 I'll get in my truck and drive 350 miles
    to pick up my normal priced mower and doggone it...

    Because it's got to the point I don't even bring things in for repair, they all act like it's such an inconvenience and how
    they are so busy, it costs an arm and a leg, then it can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to 6 months before I see my
    machine again and just to break this camel's back I can't even be sure it's fixed either.

    So you BETTER start stocking parts if you still want ANY of my business!
    That's the message I've been sending for years now, perhaps it's still kind of slow getting through.
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  6. betmr

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    With computer parts catalogs, Internet ordering, and ups/fedex, There really is no reason you should turn any repair work away. What's your Brand, anyway? John Deere i'm guessing by your moniker. I don't think JD is that popular with the Pro crowd. They seem to appeal more to the residential. Great Ag Tractors, don't get me wrong, but their Utility line has gotten a bit weak I think. And besides, they tend to have "Units" i.e. Engines, hydraulics, etc. made to their specs, making parts more exclusive. (People don't like that, They like more universal stuff)
  7. ferris09

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    Waiting to see how long or if he will even reply !!
  8. soloscaperman

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    Simple, hire more knowledgeable mechanics and sales people, don't act like you don't need us and with a stick up your a**. I don't know you so I can't judge. Maybe you should be different from the rest of the dealers and actually care and have the parts in stock.

    A pigtail wire on my clutch on my exmark went. It was under warranty but I did it myself because I don't want it sitting in the shop for months. The dealer had a nerve to say it has to sit for a week until we can look at it then we have to order the part blah blah blah. Downtime ever heard of that??
  9. hackitdown

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    Why is it that I can make an appointment with a Chevy dealer to service my truck? I can wait while they do the work. Or they offer me a demo or a rental. Then they call me to discuss the options for repair. Then they kiss my ass when it is done.

    Most mower dealers just tell you to drop your $10,000 mower into their black-hole of a shop, and then wait until they call you (if and when it is ever ready). Maybe. If they remember. Unless they forget to order the parts. Or not. Then they try to tell you that warranty won't cover it cost them money.
  10. Maple Wood

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    Talk about ignorant, stereotyping, fact less, blatant, idiotic, generalizations:dizzy:

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