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off topic posts and attacks


Hey guys,<p>Ive been gone awhile for family business and I got a few minutes to check up on the forum and I noticed a few more off topic posts and attacks.<p>NO MORE!!! I am sick of this! I am going to start deleting way off topic posts. These off topic posts and attacks in NO way help our industry.<p>Keep all topics in this particular discussion related to commercial lawn care. Do not leave off topic posts and do not add to a off topic post if I don't catch it in time to delete it immediately.<br>


I think the sys. admin. ( vladislav ) must have deleted that discussion because I missed that one. I am keeping my eyes peeled now and thats it. <p>My sister-in-law got her head bashed in with a bat by a guy who stole her truck. She is in a coma and my wife has had a nervous breakdown and had a seizure. ( she is only 23 ) My live is in a little bit of a serious mixup right now and I am in NO mood to deal with these off topic posts and attacks.<p>A lot of you guys have done your share of off topic posts and attacks. Im not naming names but as I already told you im sick of it. Your not helping out the &quot;new&quot; guys at all and are prolly driving them away. <p>I started this forum because I found it hard to share information with the local companies because for whatever reason they thought the information was a trade secret or something.<p>I started this forum and the information started to flow. Lets keep it flowing.


Springfield, IL
Really sorry to hear about the family problems. I trust things will improve. &lt;p&gt;<br>Yes. This forum has been positive for me in the big picture. I want the positive to continue. I've been here since the forum's infancy. I no longer post on certain topics because I have constantly been attacked by specific members. When I feel I am once again in friendly territory I will feel free to post again. &lt;p&gt; I mean, for the love of pete, Eric Elm was being ridiculed. Can you believe? I know I have seen his posts for a long time and he deserves no ridicule, for sure.&lt;p&gt;Glad you are back and I hope things return to normal for you soon. I know this is a terrible time of year for this to have happened (as if it could ever be a good time).&lt;p&gt;John


LawnSite Member
Retro and Chuck,<p>Sorry to hear of your family tragedy Chuck.<br>You and your family will be remembered in our prayers.<p>I just made a long post about putting an end to this nonsense and asking Ed and Phil to stop fanning the flames. It went off in the abyss as the post was deleted or closed. Both Lazer with 458 posts and Eric with 237 posts are under attack. I feel sure these aren't the &quot;takers&quot; thelawnguy spoke about to Phil Nilsson, nor are they, &quot;the green s#it flies from the dung heap of misinformation&quot;. Yet they are still taking the brunt of Stones attacks. Now is the time for this to stop!!!!!<p> <br>


LawnSite Bronze Member
No.VA, zone 7
These must be very difficult days for you and your family. May you find the strength and faith to face the challenges.<p>Thank you for the warning. Keeping the forums positive and on track is beneficial to everyone.<br>Is it possible to reshuffle the topic threads so that they are on the most appropriate forum? For example, a discussion about chemical problems should reside on the pesticide application forum. I realize that the temptation is to post all types of discussions of the most heavily trafficed forums with the hope of getting a high response rate. This defeats the purpose of having separate forums. Also, most of us can benefit by visiting several forums to learn new things. Maybe this would encourage more traffic on some of the more specialized forums.<p>----------<br>Lanelle<br>


LawnSite Member
New York
Administrator (Chuck),<p>I am truly sorry to hear of your family tragedy. I pray that you and your family will find the courage and the strength to pass through this time of trial. May each of us here by our actions and restraints show that we care about you and want to help you through this and may none of us add to your burden. The world that we live in is dangerous, physically outside and verbally inside this forum. Let each one of us sue for peace. May all of us learn to deal with one another positively and to be a source of encouragement. I hope that after seeing the verbal war here and how easily it is to be drawn into a destructive verbal conflict, that each of us will now go deep within ourselves to determine how we would want to be treated. May we then treat others in a like fashion. We all can find much joy in sharing and being shared with and may each of us do so, in a respectful and encouraging way, always with the intention of building up our hearer. May this day go well for all.<p>Doc<p><p>


LawnSite Member
Hayden, Al.
Chuck,<br>Not much that I can add, but to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I know that things will be brighter in the days to follow.<br>Neil


Moderator, Friend, Angel
South East
Chuck,<br>Same as the last post. To say you're having a rough time is an understatement. Hope things work out for you and your family.


Chuck,<br>Sorry to hear you are having such problems within your family. I hope the situation improves soon. Thanks again for providing this forum for us. Best Wishes.<p>----------<br>Mike's Lawn Service<br>