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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Nspa, Jun 22, 2005.

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    I was thinking of buying a edger. Just to make a little more cash off of each client. How do you go about charging for this service.How much do you charge? How do you figure this out? Also I was thinking of offering a weed control service. Get some pepole started on a " Round Up Program".What do you guys think, How would you charge for this? :confused:
  2. Hank Reardon

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    We offer edging (both around hardscapes and planter edges) as part of regular service and charge accordingly. When estimating, I determine the time required to do the additional work and add it in just like mowing, line trimming, or blowing. Edging just makes the property look better. It's an easy sell.

    As for the Roundup, unless you are a licensed applicator, I wouldn't advertise it as a service.
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    Well the only reason I have an edger is to use it for when I do mulch and it's included in the cost. Any other time, I use the weed-eater to leave crisp edges and it's just part of the service, also included at no extra cost.

    Why not check into mulch? If you have a 6x12 trailer with sides, you can load 4 cu. yards at a time and at $45/yard if you can get mulch for below $15/yard, you're in business!
    Then, you get 4 cu. yards: $175 estimate, $60 cost, and about 3 hours to pick-up, deliver + spread, so $120 for 3 hours = $40/hour. Not the greatest money but then all you need is a wheel-barrow, a 10-tine pitchfork and a stiff garden rake (MUCH less maintenance/parts).

    I deliver/spread between 100-200 cu. yards/year so I always gross around 5000 - 7000 or so in mulch alone and it keeps me busy during slow times. That, and at $175/load, if all I do in a day is ONE 4 cu. yard load of mulch, I can call it a day after 3 (maybe 4) hours of work. Yeah cauz if you did it 6 days/week, 6 x 175 = $1,050 (but no, most I get in a week off mulch is maybe 500-600, just so's you know).

    Yeah, Round-up is great but I'm with the guy who said it before me: If you're not licensed for it, don't advertise it. Weed-control is cool but let me warn you: It took me 3 years of trial + error to figure out what works and what doesn't, it's not as easy as it looks.


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