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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Acres, Dec 9, 2000.

  1. Green Acres

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    I was thinking of offering different packages next year. Like a gold silver bronze package. With gold having the most services and so on. Does anyone do anything like that now and if so how do you like it? What services do you include in the different stages? Thanks
  2. Currier

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    We offered package deals last year(basic, deluxe, complete). I think it was more of a pain to keep track of than anything. Next year I'll send out a checklist where the customers checkmark what services they want. I'll make a copy and give them back the original. I'm also going to "preplot" service dates for customers on a large wall calendar. It always amazes me how busy and crazy it can get!

    Where in Kansas are you. I'm in Colorado but have relatives in Mcpherson. I noticed a Green Acres in the phone that you?
  3. stick9

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    I'm just curious, but if you implemented this type of plan, what would the differences be between the different packages? I mean, in the GOLD package, you would do what? Cut, trim, edge, blow? Or, incorporate lawn fertilization, aereation, etc? OR, would it be different grades of doing the same job .. for instance, in the bronze package, you trim, but don't really do it well .. just go as fast as you can and get the high stuff .. whereas, in the gold package, you take the time to be complete and thorough? I'm not sure that I understand completely.


  4. Green Acres

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    I live around Kansas City and no that's someone else in the phone book. The difference between the gold silver bronze packages would be the services offered. For instance you might get overseeding in the gold but not in the bronze. Or get aerating in the spring and fall in the gold but just in the fall for the silver. I don't do any packages now just toying with the idea.
  5. GroundKprs

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    Green Acres, I prefer to sell each client with the services they wish. To have "packaged services" would seem to lose the individuality a residential or small business customer will appreciate. You will usually wind up with roughly 3 different classes anyway, but each customer will know the service is tailored to him, rather than having to select a programmed choice.
  6. Premo Services

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    I also have thought about this but it seems like a whole lot more work keeping track of what plan everyone is on. Instead I will offer quality work,and do different prices for adding aeraton,etc ,and thanks to posts on yearly contracts, same amount every month,and I get paid in winter months,I will be implementing this into my lineup for 2001.
  7. MOW ED

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    I tried it with my fertilizer last year and it was a pain. Too much info to explain. If people want a "premium fertilizer" (Par-Ex, Scotts Pro)then they can ask. Most dont care and just want it green. BTW no one wanted a premium fertilizer which is fine with me. Stay simple.
  8. JVS

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    I have found offering packages great. We give 5% discounts on a limited time pre-pay and 10% off on a prepay to upgrade to OUR RECCOMENDED PACKAGES.
    Here's what I do. I offer :
    Basic Plan:Spring C/U Weekly Mowings (30 visits) Fall C/U
    Spring Clean-up Only
    Weekly Mowings and Fall Clean-up
    Fall Clean-up Only.

    Then we have all the options
    5 types of Chemical/Ferilization Turf Mnagement Programs
    Silver Turf -4 Fertilizers 1 Pellet Lime Applications
    Silver Plus 4 Ferts 1 Pellet Lime AND Core Aeration
    Gold 5 Ferts and 2 weed controls
    Platinum Turf 10 Services 2 weed controls 1 surface insect control 4 ferts, 1 pre emerg and Power Raking and Core Aeration.

    Every thing else we do is option like shrub trimming, mulching a fungicide control, weeding,seeding , gutter cleaning, irrigation etc...

    So if a basic maintenance program costs our client $2000 we offer him $100 off if he PRE-PAYS US $1900 (plus tax) in one lump payment. Lets say he wants to upgrade to a Gold Turf Program costing an other $350. $235 off of $2350 or a fulll check of $2115 (plus tax).Do not forget to add your profit prior to the discount or you will lose money-- We are then able to have a little cash flow . I only offer this discount for a short period of time every October to early November, this way we have never run into a problem of our clients being tapped at Holiday Time

    ANY comments or suggestions ??
    JVS Landscaping, Co. Inc--Westwood NJ
  9. You guys are making this too complicated for todays soccer mom for they have no clue. That's why they are calling you for help.

    The only choice I will give a residential account is if the want the turf mowed every 7 days no matter what or a 7-14 day mowing cycle based on the weather and growth conditons. My residential service area is about 25 sq. miles.

    Then I also include spring/fall clean up, aerating, dethatch (power rake), fertiliziation, weed and insect control during the season as "needed".

    Landcape bed maint. is optional.

    Bill installments at the end of the month for services already provided net 15=no discount.

    Customer plays installments at the begining of the month
    before any services are provided=5% discount

    Customer prepays the entire season=10% discount
  10. JVS

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