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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Mack, Jan 13, 2005.

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    I just did a search and had no luck. My question is how is your office set up.
    I was looking for stuff like what files you have (like Visa, Gas, Maintenance, Taxes ect.). I seem to have to reorganize my office every winter to get it ready for the next year. I was just checking to see how your office is set up or what you do to keep the mess clean.
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    I know guys who use a laptop and Pro-Landscape Software
  3. meets1

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    I am using Quick Books PRO. Works well for me. One computer for business only. I have an IPAQ from Compaq that works well in the truck. Other guys us a notebook. Cell phones of course to store numbers, ect when on a job estimating. 4 in 1 machine to copy, scan, fax, print. 1 business phone, good answering machine.

    Two filinf cabinets - mower gas, truck gas, Health insur / Work Insur / cell bill, equipment, just different files that work for your setup.

    Then all other office stuff.

    I prefer the hand on approach being out in the field but I find myself more and more in the office doing bookwork, estimating, calling, etc.

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