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Official Memphis Post Storm Check-in thread

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subject says it all. how are you? where are you in town? what kind of damages, etc...
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Southaven, still here! Was scheduled to go on vacation Wednesday, since power was out, we headed to Hot Springs about 12 hours early!!
Had a blast and my client list doubled while I was out of town!!(from 2 to 4):) !!
Movinfr8, if you went to Hot Water (AR, I'm assuming), then you went right by me. I live just off I-40, up 67/167 about 4 miles, in Sherwood. Glad to hear things are ok in Southhaven, but sorry Memphis and some surronding areas got hit. I didn't even know anything about it ,until I read it on LS.

Oh BTW, your LS name(Movinfr8), you or did you work for a freight hauling company? I know Memphis is huge on moving freight. I worked for Con-Way Southern Express (CSE) for 7 years.
Ya got me!
I worked for Consolidated Freightways 6 years till they folded We used to always say that CF funneled money into Conway! I guess we'll never know. I have recently been working for USF Holland casual, and hope to get on regular, but still wanna grow the lawn company some too!
We stayed at Panther Valley Ranch in hot springs, and went to Magic Springs one day. MAN did they have some beautiful grass at that park!! I think they had some bluegrass at the main entry, and the rest of the park had, the thickest, lushest fescue over most of it!The first night, we stayed at Lake Hamilton Resort, and turning in the driveway, the first thing I saw were straight windrow/clump lines where the LCO didn't care enough to mulch. I have been debating telling them about it, but the "LCO" was there the next day, using a MTD tractor from Sam's and a curved shaft trimmer. I figgure he's got enough problems already:confused:
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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