Officials give up on evicting pythons from the eveglades

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Ric, Mar 23, 2014.

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    Wild hog,,,,,,,,,,,,thats some good eating!
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    Come on down and harvest some, you can have all you want. I pulled up on one of my ranch properties last summer when the water table was high from all the rain and there were 27 in a 4 or 5 acre area where I mow, maybe we can get them to start eating pythons.
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    yes there seems to be abig wild hog problem down here.. you can trap them and hunt them and it doesn't seem to dent them at all.. when I was in high school we used to hunt them almost every weekend never had any problems finding them that's for sure..

    I think the pythons came from when Andrew hit Miami there was a python farm down there in davie that got destroyed and they got out and headed for the everglades Andrew hit back in the mid 90's so they had all this time to grow and breed now you got what we have now...

    rics write there is a ton of land down there for them to hide in..
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    I like hunting Hogs as much as any hunter. Hog Hunting is actually a big business. For that reason Hog eradication is not a popular idea unless you are a land owner/Rancher,Farmer.

    I have studied Hog Control and follow the USDA progress with hog control/suppression trapping and poison research. Secondary contamination that can hurt the environment is the main concern. IMHO Hog eradication/suppression is very possible.

    The Difference between hunting and controlling/suppressing hogs is the time spend. A week end Hunters can find a hog quickly and some Hogs will come to bait fairly easy. Bang a hunter get his hog and is off to the BBQ. Of course the rest of the Sounder gets away. To eradicate the hog population you must contain the whole Sounder before spring your trap. This takes time and with modern technology, Digital cameras can be done remotely. BTW It is costly. However Hogs do Millions of dollar damage to agricultural each year, so control is a viable opposition.

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    I wanted to add. Social and Solitary are two different pests when it comes to controlling or Eradicating them. Hogs are a social Pest that live and travel together. They are also will eat anything and can be baited very easy. Therefore Hogs are easy or easier to Eradicate than Solitary Pests like Pythons which live and travel alone. Pythons in captivity will eat dead whole animals like feeder mice. But they only eat Live bait in the wild.

    Now if we look at other Social pests like ants and apply the same control technics. Hunting Hogs would be like stooping on a ant. The rest of the colony survives to reproduce. However if we were to pour Boiling water on a ant Mount nest and Kill the queen we would eradicate that colony. If we did the same thing to all ant mounds in the area we would be ant free. Hog control works the same way. Instead of shooting a few Hogs we bait all the hogs in an area over a period of time. Then after training all of them to come eat at the same time at the same place and monitoring them. We Pour Boiling water or spring the trap only when we have all the Hogs or whole SOUNDER.

    FYI Modern Technology can Monitor hog baiting sites via internet and Smart Phones. on large properties you may need several baiting sites/traps. These traps are 30 to 50 ft wide depending on the Hog pressure. The biggest problem is not waiting for all the Hogs in the area to enter the baited trap area. Hogs being very smart can become trap shy and by missing hogs when trapping you educate them to be trap shy.

    I love hunting Hogs, But the Pest Control operator/ Nuance Wildlife trapper in me wants to eradicate them.

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    I'm amazed at how fast they are adapting to handle colder temps. It seems like every season the maps show them ranging another state to the north. Soon they will be applying for Canadian citizenship.
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