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offseason jobs

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I have a question for people who mow full time. I know there is an off seson in mowing and the people who get snow plow it but if your like me and live in the south what do u do. I hear you cut firewood. So i'm gonna try and do this this summer so i can make a little extra money to get all new mowing equipment this spring. My question since i'm new in this is what do u charge a cord or what do u charge by the truckload. Just wondering.
I'm looking for a set price pretty much for a truckload.

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Price is per cord. There really isn't much money to be made in firewood though. Very labor intensive and the money isn't what it should be for the amount of times you handle the material.
Would you like an apple pie with that?

Or move to an area with a 12 montth season!
I do snow up here, but it hasn't snowed much in the last few years and it's really not that profitable for me. But I do it to keep my customers happy.

A few years ago I took a 2nd job in the winter to help save for a house. I put out directional signs for new housing on the weekends. It pays incredibly, it takes very little time to do, I get to ride around and listen to the radio, I do it on Fri and Sun evenings, and I don't have to work with anyone. We have since gotten the house, but I keep the job to save for other stuff like retirement, etc. I usually work a total of 40 hours a month for about $1000. Nice.

I do snow removal, tree work and firewood sales in the winter. The firewood sales are very nice for me as I was originally paid to remove or trim the tree in the first place. I have just cut it up to fireplace size pieces of wood and split it. You should check out for pricing info in your area.

I do seasonal decorating. I.E. hang christmas lights, wreaths, deliver christmas trees and set them up where they like. I don't charge a lot for them...just enough that i can buy all my family and friends christmas gifts. I have enough saved up throughout the summer for everything else.

In the new Walker Talk theres a company who does seasonal decorating, too.
I live in Texas, around Dallas. We have a an eight and half month growing season. I decided 11 years ago if my business failed to make enough money during the 8.5 months I worked to live comfortably during the other 3.5, I would quit the business and go back into the corporate world. The only job I have during the winter is to cash my customers checks at the bank. Are you possibly undervaluing your service thereby charging less than you should? BTW I am not a big LCO, I have one truck, one crew and I work with the crew.
Same here

I don't have to work in the winter. Used to travel and play alot of Golf in southern California.

But I have been doing snow plowing since 1995, adding salting in 1999. Now with doing more commercial accounts their contracts go 12 months.
I plow snow, salt etc . Firewood around here is around $185\cord delivered. My advise is to drive a fuel truck for a local oil co in your area. When the weather warms asked to be laid off. It helps pay the bills. In a few years maybe you can go golfing too! I wish I could. - Joe
Originally posted by Joemowz
My advise is to drive a fuel truck for a local oil co in your area.
My guess is that you would need a CDL, right? And be schooled in HazMat too?
Originally posted by rodfather
My guess is that you would need a CDL, right? And be schooled in HazMat too?
There was a time, years ago the DOT was acting all silly, they required HazMat training and plaguards if you carried gas, any amount.....

I'm tellin ya. You just can't make this stuff up

Hi, I work for the government, how can I help you........:blob4:
If you can't make enough money during your season that you have to work during the off don't charge enough for the time you work!
Originally posted by dmk395
If you can't make enough money during your season that you have to work during the off don't charge enough for the time you work!
Or you are stupid like my ex-partner and spend all your money during the mowing season, and go into the winter broke!


Me, I get tired of sitting around the house all winter long. Whatever I have done in the winter I have done mostly for the bonus of getting out of the house. And the extra money doesn't hurt, either!

I cut every two to three weeks depending on grass type. Usually work 7-12 then come home and catch up on the sleep I don't get in the summer. Still get paid the same though.
Did snow for 15 years, subbed it out and now I get on a plane in November, head for the Carribbean, and come back in March. Life is sweet
I think some of u are missing the point of this post. I posted it so that i could get a price on firewood. The only reason i'm selling firewood is becasue i need a little money to invest in new equipment this spring. Like i said i'm only 15 and i don't have my drivers liscense yet so i don't have but a few accounts that i do on the weekends and when i can get someone to take me there. i will be getting my drivers liscense this fall and i will be looking for something to make money. I have a place that is easy to get to and easy to cut the wood. I agree with all of you once i get my buissness established i doin't plan on working winters this is just a temporary job to get my lawn buissness started.
But i do see what everyone is saying but i hope yall understand my point of view now.

Thanks for the replys everyone
i did firewood sold 50 to 80 cords a year what a waste of time
sold 4 125 a cord 10 years ago still see same prices in the paper now. u might be better getting a job pumping gas no cost 4 chainsaws or log splitters
Anyway, I got your point, but not the question.

Firewood for heating or campfires?

Campfires is about 50 cents a log near State parks.

How much heating is done with wood anymore? Not much.
If someone is using wood, they probably have been getting it from the same person for awhile, and are probably not going to want to switch to a kid. Sorry, but that's the way the world turns.

Try Mc Donalds or Wal Mart.
Just for a little clarification:

Log splitter used: $300?

Log splitter new: $1,200 and all the way up to, and over $40,000

Chain saw used: $100?

Chain saw new: $200 - $1,200

Chain saw gear: $150 (chaps and helmet)

Gas: $1.50? per gallon

Even if you want to forego the splitter, and the chain saw and just split pre-cut wood, with a maul, sledge and wedge... you can't get anywhere near as much done, and you will be a LOT more tired.

Basically, splitting wood, unless you have a BIG operation is a good way to keep labor busy, its a good thing to use as a loss leader, but unfortunately it's not a good way to make money if you only sell a few cords a year :(
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Originally posted by jh88
. I posted it so that i could get a price on firewood. ]

Price for wood varies by location. Usually will get more for it in city than rural. Look in local paper to see what others charge. If no ads at this time go to library and look up archived papers from last winter. Will give you idea of prices and amount of competition.
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