Ogura or Warner or Fatboy Extreme????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Benchrest, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. Benchrest

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    Hi Everybody,

    Have an issue with my Scag Tiger Cub, the clutch coil is showing a direct short.

    In looking on the web and Ebay I see it seems my mower could have had either a Ogura or a Warner.

    Mine has an Ogura, looks like the anchor is different on the Ogura vs. the Warner.

    BUT my question is,,,

    Which is the best brand???

    Obviously with under 500 hours I am not really pleased with the Ogura
    ****YES I adjusted the air gap regularly*****

    Is this just the life span of a mower clutch??
    This is the only one I have other than on A/C for automobiles and I have never had an issue on those other than an occasional bearing.

    I am not bothered by changing the mounting for a BETTER unit as long as it fits my shaft and the pulley is in line.

    Are these EXTREME Fatboy clutches I see on ebay any good??
    Looked and read good anyway.

  2. scagman52

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    I have a 2005 Tiger Cub and had to replace the clutch around 1200 hours because it had a bad bearing. Never heard of a direct short. You should check all your wiring and the switch. I would stay with the Orgura clutch. I also have a 2010 Tiger Cat with over 800 hours and no problems with the clutch.
  3. Benchrest

    Benchrest LawnSite Member
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    Yeah clutch is on the bench and reading 0.00 ohms
    direct short.
    Same reading you get when you touch the probes together
    NOT an open line (which wouldn't be good either)

    Maybe I just ended up with a DUD?

    Just want some assurance next one lasts longer
  4. Benchrest

    Benchrest LawnSite Member
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    I went with the Xtreme Clutch so I guess I'll see what happens.

    I'll have to change the stop on it but no big deal there,,
    Basically I have an Ogura mount/stop and will have to change it to a Warner style.

    Will try and keep the rubber bumper system from the Ogura

    Talked to one of the engineers at the company and he was quite knowledgeable on the issue

    Stated that this one will have about 30% more holding power
    Can't remember if he was using ft.lbs. or some other unit but the Ogura was 150's and this new one will be 200.

    I explained this mower gets used more as a Bush Hog than a lawnmower so he said I was more than likely suffering from clutch slippage which heated up the coil and killed it.

    Said HEAT is the general reason for a dead short coil.

    $180 down on cash now so keeping fingers crossed,,

    Will update when it arrives and I get it mounted maybe post some pics if anyone else finds this situation
  5. retrodog

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    Honestly man I have seen clutches fail at 4 hours... i have had tons shatter, magnets cracked, melted, and with shorts... I have one guy that goes through 3 to 4 a year, and then on the other hand I have some with thousands of hours on them. The warner with 250lbs of torque is the best I have found unless you go to one of the new wet clutch designs. They are extremely abused on a mower as oopposed an ac system on a car... its a miracle they go as long as they go. $180 is definately not to shabby for a pto clutch. With short, I highly recommend replacing the pto switch and the pigtail going to the clutch. Alot of mower companies have diodes in the pigtail, and anything shorting out in either one of those will just ruin your new clutch too... better safe spending another 30 or so then spending another 200 next week..
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  6. Benchrest

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    I'll check the wire for a diode, guy at Xtreme also suggested checking my DC voltage to make sure I don't have an over voltage issue too.

    I am guessing that 250# is for a larger deck?

    My Tiger Cub has a 48"

    Would like to have a 250# but at least my new one will be stronger than what I had.

    What is the shaft size on that 250# unit?
    Mine is 1-1/8" and then I think 2-3/4" stack height.

    Yeah it toasted my switch in the process so have to get a new one anyway.
  7. TPendagast

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    get a turf tiger buddyÂ…don't need no stinking clutches, direct drive!! Like a submarine!
  8. Benchrest

    Benchrest LawnSite Member
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    Got the new Xtreme clutch, very nice looking unit,,

    Got it mounted,,
    Had to shorten my old shaft key that went through the hydro pulley AND the clutch
    new clutch does not have keyed top bearing

    was able to adapt my old anti-rotation bumper to the new clutch with a few simple cut and grind modifications

    so it is all mounted and looks like a factory install

    with advice from here and other places I carefully opened my wire harness to inspect the hot wire and it was fine

    Now my NEW ISSUE is my volatge at the clutch plug (clutch not plugged in) is 14.2 volts at full throttle

    I have been told 13.6 - 14 volts is the range and if outside this I have a problem

    I know I have seen systems put out more than 14 before and was normal

    BUT is 14.2 the kiss of death in THIS system??

    Will not be running my new clutch until I am satisfied with this voltage issue.

  9. SamStihl

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    I would not recommend Extreme Clutches. I have had 2 of them go bad both at around 20 hours. The thin metal bands that hold the clutch together break causing the clutch to drag, which keeps the mower blades engaged even with the PTO switch off. I contacted Extreme and asked if they made something stronger that would work. They would not help me find a stronger solution, and told me to buy the same junk that keeps breaking. They told me that they would not sell me a different clutch because it could break and cause damage to my machine. Its strange though that they are willing to sell me the clutch that they think should be used on my machine that breaks and could cause physical injury to me or my machine. I even asked them about the dimensions of a different clutch they sell that has 6 metal bands instead of 3 and they refused to answer my question. They told me to go buy from someone else. I did sent them pictures of my broken clutch and they claim from their expert eye that it looks like the clutch had been dragging. No kidding, it would obviously be dragging after it breaks and I still have to use the machine to finish mowing. They tried to say that it was from heavy mowing in thick grass. I live in Arizona and barely have grass.
    It is hard to see from my picture but the top band is broke by the rivet which caused the pressure plate to shift.


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