Ogura to Warner clutch upgrade

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by captken, Apr 4, 2005.

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    Hello PJ,
    I need to know what the air-gap should be set to on the Ogura brake/clutch. I need to nurse it until I can get the Warner mounting kit.
    I have a Warner Mastop model 5218-65 and need to get the part# for the mounting kit. Also please check to see if this is the correct Warner clutch part#. I wasn't having much luck finding out on my own. Thanks in advance.

    Kenneth Leak.
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    The air gap on the Ogura clutch is to be set between .016 to .018
    I do not have any cross reference between the Warner Magstop # you provided in this thread and the Hustler # we use, so I can not verify you have the correct clutch.
    The Hustler part # for the Warner Magstop clutch we use is 787366.
    There is no mounting "kit", the parts must be purchased separately.
    You can buy the Warner clutch with the mounting hardware (bracket(s) nuts bolts..etc..etc..) to convert your Ogura set up to a Warner, it is a "kit" and the part # for the kit is 781039k, this is used to convert any Hustler's with the Ogura clutch set up to a Warner clutch set up.
    For anyone wondering, we started installing Warner clutches in our mowers in April of 2003, so if you bought your unit after that you have the latest set up.
    Hope this helps.


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