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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Meadowbrook, Jan 23, 2006.

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    Ok, once again I am faced with the dilemma. Whether or not to eventually hire hispanic workers. Shouldn't be a big deal but yet again it has come to my attention. My neighbor and I gripe at each other about this on a monthly (?) basis. Well not really gripe, more like discuss. But at any rate, I always said that I WILL NOT have a worker on any of my jobs that cannot speak fluant English, which eliminates 90% +/- of the H2B workers in the country. He (neighbor) keeps saying that they are the only way to grow the business. In my opinion, they are the only way to cut corners. Granted there are plenty of white workers out there who are lazy slobs who only care about how much they make, but there are also ones who care about the jobs as much as I do. You just have to find them. Plus the work that I've got right now and in the near future is all one-on-one oriented. Such as letters, doorhangers, flyers, and calling. The hangers and flyers aren't really face to face, but I've had people come up and ask me questions numerous times and if a non-English speaking person is passing the stuff out they aren't going to have any idea what the potential customer said. Is the only way for me to go and hire Caucasian's for my personalized stuff and Mexicans for my grunt work? Seems kinda wrong, because nobody really is gonna care about the equip. that their running, but if you tell a white guy that if him or his crew breaks something they're not getting paid extra and they have to play mechanic on top of being laborers. Please let me know what you think, ultimately it is my decision and no one else's and if my neighbor can't understand, he can pound sand, but should I finally compromise my interests? Or should I stick to my original intentions and probably not make it big? One other thing I must throw in, all the companies around me are using Mexicans, and their work shows it, BUT, their still getting work, doesn't anybody give a damn about quality anymore?!? Sorry, but that irks me, builders are very cheap, and the landscape co's that have been around for 50+ years are getting their work obviously not because they do good jobs, far from it. I had talked to my LESCO rep a couple months ago and he said that contractors come in and will buy a 50-50 perrenial/annual ryegrass mix for say $50, but then buy 10 more bags of annual to dilute the original bag down, just to save on costs and pay a Mexican $3 an hour to go out with a rake and shovel and bust his ass all day long so that SOMEBODY saves money. When is this crap gonna stop? If ever? OK, I'm pissed now....can't ya'll tell? I'm gonna stop hopefully somebody out there has some sort of an idea as to what I'm saying. Well, gonna go look at the calendar girls to calm my nerves......awaiting any response. Thanks

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    gee Chris hire some Mexicans and teach them
    English .
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    Around here people are starting to wize up and want quality. I think the past 4-5 years has been the big hit of unlegit companies around here so people are starting to want more...and are actually willing to pay for it. With that said, mexicans don't fly around here on a one on one basis. People in general are getting annoyed about talking to an arab or someone of another nationality that can barely speak english when they call places. So to put a mexican on their property and try to speak to them wouldn't be a big hit here. Heck I got a call the other day and couldn't understand the guy then when he butchered my name up I freaked out and demanded to talk to someone that could speak english.

    My experience, you get what you pay for. Rod from the site here pays his workers good money, and he probably has very good workers. Guys around here pay us honkies $6 an hour to bust butt and then expect a college grad to be doing the work.

    Americans are lazy by trait. You pay them good and they'll be good, especially in a hurting economy.
  4. Ol'time Lawncare

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    Please don't give them work! please find some helpers around the corner from you.You will find helpers , you just have to look harder!!!
  5. Jdmtnbikr

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    Ahhh yes, bash on the "mexicans" to make up for short-comings in your own businesses. Good strategy. :confused:
  6. mikefromny

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    mexicans !!! i see your from cali the capital of mexico hehe , hard workers, can pay cheap and thats it , how about your learn spanish! or get a foreman that knows spanish fluently . mexicans are great assets
  7. YardPro

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    it's spelled fluent.....lol so you want them to speak your language when you can't spell it???? LOL joking......my spelling is terrible too..

    i can understand your problem.... I speak spanish very well (many years of private shcool where the teach it from kindergarden up) and for years would not hire hispanics.. onoy americans.. but two years ago i gave up.... i now have many hispanics... your analogy of the company using them for $3/hr is stretching it a bit....

    we pay them the same as we pay american kids...

    just hired a white american guy.. 28 years old...
    tells me he was a foreman for a big company in florida who competes with brickman etc....said his job responsibilities were doing all the estimates. overseeing install work, etc.....

    had him at a yard we are cleaning up and resodding where a new septic tank was installed...
    gave him the measuring wheel and asked him to measure it off so i could get the sod ordered.. the area is almost a plain rectangle.. very easy to measure ...

    he didn't know what to do... didn't even know what to measure, didn't know how to multiply LXW, nothing........
    get white kids like this all the time.. full of bs and wanting tons of money.....

    most hispanics i get now are honest hard working guys..and i know what to expect from them...
  8. Jdmtnbikr

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    Agreed. Totally different worlds I guess. If KC came to Cali talking about "mexicans" "arabs" and "honkeys" I am sure his business would thrive :) No wonder Bush won.

    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    thats it feed the mexicans and when your kids go on welfare because everything in this country is gone you can tell them how the mexicans were such great assets.
  10. cleancutccl

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    I don't expect my kids to be competing for the same job as illegal immigrants are getting, I feel sorry for you if that's all the expectations you have for your children. If mexicans start taking all the good jobs it is because they are becoming citizens and getting educations, not because they are getting paid to flip burgers or mow lawns.

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