Oh don't you like it when your familly thinks you are a failure

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    Yep thats right try be positive and hope I can get work on my own and get litterally kicked in the nuts and say you are useless.

    I said to my parents that I was buying another truck something that will work better for my needs and then the chit hit the fan.

    Way to be supportive of what I do nope just end up in a screaming match.

    I try to explain the stress related problems I have with my gov't job and yes I do have stress problems. I try deal with it as best as I can it. Trying to get work part time doing what I want to do to keep my sanity.

    Getting yelled at saying to have to work at a job you dislike it is a part of life. You have no life working for the gov't it is why I want to see if I can get some work going.

    So ya I had a Bobcat Ron fight with the folks.

    Isn't your familly supposed to be supportive of what you want to do not think your a failure.
  2. AEL

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    Prove them wrong Gravel rat. You can do it.
  3. bobcat_ron

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    Strut naked in front of them with your tally-whacker in your hands.

    That will shut them up.

    Worked for me.

  4. tmf lawn care

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    :hammerhead:to much info ron bro :cool2:
  5. cddva

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    You live under their roof in their house, then you have to play by their rules. You don't like, move out. That's how it works for most of us. It's part of "growing up" and becoming your own man.
  6. Junior M

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    screw them dude.

    You cant please everyone in your life. So just do what you want and they'll get over it..
  7. punt66

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    ding, ding, ding we have a winner. Gravel, you even sound like a pouting kid. Its time!
  8. jimmyjack

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    this i think explains alot about his posts all the time....
  9. Gravel Rat

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    I don't know what they expect last year was rough for work it was dead for everybody it wasn't that great in 2008 either.

    I'am trying to hope that 2010 improves its been dead since late 2007. Wasn't it the way I buy a newer truck and the economy drops like a rock. The work I had was gone.

    Things brought up about I quit working for the building supply wouldn't you if you ended up being a mechanic and a truck driver working for 8 dollars a hour.

    I worked for contractors on and off but never and full time work. Went to work for one of the contractors for a year I would have been with them if I wasn't talked out of sticking with the gov't job. Working for the contractor was good wasn't big money. I had to make the choice the gov't said either you work for us or you quit.

    The only thing I didn't like working for the contractor was I ended up being mechanic it wasn't what I was hired to do. I ended up with lots of pressure from the boss to keep the equipment running. He knew I was good at pulling wrenches and a welder so I ended up wrenching. Working on the trucks and excavators. I was run ragged I lost quite abit of weight and tired. I'am not a ticketed mechanic but I was doing anything that a ticketed mechanic would do. Pulling wrenches and welding is something I learned over the years.

    My current situations what I have been told is keep the full time job and do work on the side. Anybody I have talked to it will help with relieving the stress. When I was cutting the firewood for the christmas money it felt good doing things again.

    Yes I have to change trucks my current truck isn't working for my needs. My previous trucks worked okay but I had traction issues. I bought the F450 I have now I have run into some problems with it. This F-550 I'am looking at should work better for me for one it is a 4x4 which I should have bought in the first place years ago. The second problem it should give me more legal payload. I only need to haul 6000lbs legally that is 3 yards of gravel.

    So I'am hoping people will spend money on landscaping this year.
  10. Sam_French

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    Well GR

    I say read The Power of Positive Thinking its a GOOD book. Helps me a lot. Sounds like the Contractor did not respect you. Better off in my opinion not to be with them.
    I work 2nd shift in a factory for now. I would hold off on buying a new truck for now.

    Do you park your equipment at home? I would try to make peace with your parents. KEEP TRYING!!!!!!!!!!!! quitters NEVER win.

    Have a nice day.


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