Oh don't you like it when your familly thinks you are a failure

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jan 9, 2010.

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    I went for a drive out around one of the subdivisions today looking at some of the 500,000 dollar plus houses that is just for the house the building lot was 500,000. Most of these houses are summer places for the rich people.

    The property costs around here are pretty expensive anybody my age has no chance of buying you have to wait for your parents to pass away and inherit a house. Once you do better keep saving money for the annual property tax depending on the size of property it could be 10 grand a year.

    It is the people with money driving out the working class in this area. These people buy expensive property build a big house and use it a month out of the year.

    Drop in the bucket for some to spend 1.5 million on a summer place.

    After driving around I'am definatly going to need a 4wheeldrive truck if I want to provide landscaping services to these houses. I don't know how the paving company paved some of these roads they are steep. They must have had to winch the pavement roller up and down. The screeder machine would have to be winched up as it spreads out the material.

    When they built the road the excavator operator would have had to keep the seat belt on and the front window closed or he would have fell out of the machine. The homeowner will have to own a 4 wheeldrive SUV to even have a chance of climbing up and down their driveway. A front wheel drive car wouldn't do it.

    Unbeleivable that you would pay 450,000-500,000 for a building lot that the access road is steep enough it requires 4 wheeldrive on dry asphalt.

    I looked at the other building lots that haven't been developed yet there is no way my F-450 could even climb the driveways the truck powers out in Low gear.

    Just the way it goes the easy building lots are gone and you push your vehicals and equipment to the maximum. As a hoe operator you have to be used to working on slopes that maxes out the machine your always borderline sliding with the tracks. Wearing a seat belt is a must or your not going to stay in the operators seat. A full tank of fuel is a must working on those angles you can starve the engine for fuel.

    As for myself ever owning property here nope I'am here because my steady job is here. My brother is loosing his house can't afford to keep it anymore the work for a steel fabricator in the marine construction business went for sh*t. The young guys in the logging industry are barely paying for their houses logging is dead.

    Have to see what 2010 brings the economy better improve lots of people on the verge of loosing everything they own.
  2. AEL

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    Hey gravel, just wondering why you have never posted pictures of these incredible locations?
  3. Gravel Rat

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    Because I don't own a camera and I'am not sure if the homeowners want their houses shown on the internet. People are a little funny that way they give you strange looks when you are even stopped in a vehical and looking.

    A guy that Ron and I know got in some serious poo poo showing pictures of jobsites on the internet. Homeowners seen it got mad not a good situation. If I want to try get work with these people you want to keep in their good book. Even when I worked for the contractors they had a policy that you didn't say a word of what your doing to other people. Nothing was done illegally but the competition tries to find any thing to use against each other. In todays market its dog eat dog don't get in the way.
  4. DeereMan85

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    Sounds like if you had moved out of mom and dad's at a normal age, you could have made a lot of money by buying a house fifteen or whatever years ago and selling it in the current market. See where sitting on your hands gets you? There's nothing inherently wrong with having a low risk tolerance, but complaining when you don't reap the same rewards as the risk tolerant, gung-ho, generally ass-busting group of guys on here probably isn't going to get a lot of positive responses.
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    Oh hey, I just remembered, Deere sucks!

    I just thought I'd get that out there, it's been a while and my Deeresucks-itis hasn't been acting up nearly as much.
  6. tnmtn

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    maybe then it is time to throw in the towel. if things are that bad it seems time to decide if the annual income from part time work justifies buying a purpose built 4wd. from many of your posts it doesn't sound like it would. maybe at this point it would be better money spent to back down to a more fuel efficient 4wd personnal car/truck and use the money you would have spent to get some kind of education. there are all kinds of certs and schools that you can do trough the internet that would have you better prepared whenever this down cycle ends in your area. if it lasts 2 years that would be plenty of time to get certified in electrical or possibly even a tech degree in civil engineering to keep you in the dirt bussiness. maybe learn to set up satellite internet to keep the high rollers in touch at their cabin. many options out there. if things are as extreme as you say safety needs to be seriously considered. i don't know that the money is worth it to me to go tumbling down a mountain so someone can have a cabin in the woods. maybe it's time to drop back and punt. come up with a new plan instead of spinning wheels. no one cares what things are like where you live, ONLY WHAT YOU INTEND TO DO ABOUT IT. if you do nothing then you can bank on the fact nothing will change for the good. remember, if you aren't going forward you are falling behind not treading water. maybe start your next thread with what could be possible options for GR phase 2. you have well iinformed us about the conditions and bad gov't, we don't need to hear it again.

    some people make things happen
    others watch what happens
    still others wonder ... what happened
    Capt. James Lovell

    Good luck.
  7. AWJ Services

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    The funny thing is you can actually search Real estate on the internet and GR lives Not far from Vancouver. He has to take a Ferry to get there but he never the less lives 75 miles from there.
    I searched the area and there are reasonable housing especially in Vancouver.
    So why not Move.
    I found multiple homes in the 100 to 150 k range.

    So now whats your excuse?
  8. punt66

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    its always an excuse. Always will be.
  9. stuvecorp

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    Spot on and well said.
  10. DeereMan85

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    Deere must not be that bad. I sell Deere and don't live with mom and dad. It's great being away from the parents: I can stay up as late as I want and haven't been grounded in years. You and GR should really give it a try. Thumbs Up

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