Oh don't you like it when your familly thinks you are a failure

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Gravel Rat, just move to where Ron lives, go to work for his family or a similar company (didn't he tell you about some opportunities a while back?), and then you and Ron could rent a pad and be roommates. Problem solved, everbody's happy, and the basement(s) can finally be finished.
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    Dam that was good.:laugh:
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    All we can do is wait till February is over. Talking to some guys the other day they said the gov't has been spending 10s of thousands on stuff the tax payers don't know about for the olympics. The provincial gov't is hiring contractors to do work on the olympics that isn't in the news its all supposed to be kept out of the public knowlege. The gov't doesn't want to know that they have spending a extra 100,000 dollars or more.

    Anybody that lives in the Lowermainland better be prepared for their taxes to increase over 100%.

    With the B.C. gov't spending tax money with absolutely no say from the people when the sh*tty olympics are over the B.C. gov't says oh we spent half billion dollars now its time to pay for it.

    Myself I have a guaranteed income for aslong as I want it. Myself or anybody that works for the muni have fairly gauranteed safe jobs. Anybody in the service industries have no gaurantees.

    If I wanted too I could buy a excavator use my gov't job to pay for some of it work the machine for next to nothing get the jobs drive the competition out.

    I could cut out landscapers too work for just enough profit to pay for things and the other guys couldn't compete. Would I do that no.

    Nobody can undercut me because I'am not making my living with my truck. Once you get rid of the competition you end up with a monopoly and the rates go back up.

    I sold my firewood for a cheap price I didn't make a big profit from it the wood sold quick because it was a good deal.

    It is real easy for me to drive anybody that is my competition out of business if it comes to that I will.
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    Kiewit put a screw to that the guys that are hauling the gravel were getting the boot because Kiewit didn't want to pay the rates. Typical Kiewit trying to do everything cheap so they screw their subcontractors.
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    Ok Gr, you lost me big time.

    I remember you saying a few post's ago, work was getting shaky and that they were looking for any excuses to fire people, now you say your job is really secure.

    Then in the same post you say that you wont undercut anyone, and by the end of the post if you have to you will?
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    While the area is beautiful, not unlike many other places you guys have mentioned, our real estate is inflated for one simple reason, GEOGRAPHY. To the west we have the Pacific Ocean, to the south Washington State and to the east the Rocky Mountains. Our inventory of land is quickly diminishing. In a single day you can golf world class courses (just not PGA courses), experience world class salmon and sturgeon fishing, skiing, hiking, cold water suba diving and the list does go on. Almost all of these activities are available YEAR ROUND. Our winter average temp is 42 and summer is around 80. I live 40 minutes outside Vancouver and a 4000 square foot lot right now is worth around $350,000. That is an empty lot.
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    Ya my job is on the line so I have to watch what I do. The managers make threats but it usually never goes much farther. It will if the provincial gov't screws up this province real bad because the olympics turns into a huge flop.

    If the Olympics flop which I think they will tourist don't want to come to a city that people are going to gouge them on accomodations. People are trying to rent their houses for 10 grand a month. Tourists know when they are getting screwed.

    The gov't has spent over half billion dollars worth of our tax money on a whim that these olympics will bring tourist to this province.

    The gov't wants to make money tap into the trillion dollar drug trade this province has.

    As for undercutting its not something I do but if somebody pizzes me off I will drive them out of business. I held the monopoly on the area for a long time then the fly by night people showed up.

    These guys that go in and do demo clean up and charge the homeowner for landfill fees but take the garbage up some back road and dump it off. I don't do that I'am legal everything I do is legal when it comes to disposing of debris. These fly by night azzholes dump a load of drywall in the bush it is very illegal.

    With the landscaping it is a tough business around here everybody and their dog is a landscaper now. There is only one landscaper I promote I worked with him and he does good work. He isn't busy he went from having 6-7 guys down to having 1. I got tired of fighting homeowners over bills when I was in the landscaping business.

    Everybody you deal with now is C.O.D. I usually don't like taking checks from people only cash. You have to watch some of these b*stards writing checks that bounce or bank accounts that don't exist. You go back to get your money they hide from you and try avoid you.

    It is real easy to screw these people all you do is go to the building suppliers tell the store manager that the homeowner don't pay their bills. The homeowner's name is listed in plain view of everybody that they are on the C.O.D. list do no accept checks.
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    Ok...so you admit to having the same business plan as the subcontract gravel trucks working for Kiewit....But some how it's Kewits fault for paying the gravel trucks the rate they bid for the job?????????

    Just for the record.

    1. You will go broke cutting your rates trying to drive the competition out of business. Then try to get the rates up:dizzy:
    2. In less you have government regulation you will never have a monopoly.

    Feel free to proceed with your business plan. I wish you good Luck.:canadaflag:
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    You have to watch Kiewit they are burning lots of bridges with subcontractors in this province. I know one of them that will not do work for Kiewit ever again. Even the gov't contractors just shake their head. Big mistakes and lots of excessive costs.

    Right now Kiewit is dealing with Lafarge Canada for the Port Mann Bridge expansion they won't be screwing with Lafarge them thats for sure.

    I won't go broke if I'am working for expenses and once the competition is gone I'am back up to the rates I was at. I was the one that got the rate as high as they are now. With my F-450 I charge 60 dollars per hour it was 30 dollars per hour when I started 15 years ago.
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    Don't forget we have the largest shipping port in Canada = world import/export distribution networks warehouses and transportation. Two of the major universities have over 80,000 enrolled students. We are the third largest film production center on North America after LA and New York.

    All this makes us have the second most overpriced real estate in North America to LA, we even have California style buildings that we call "leaky condos" because of our wet climate.

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