Oh don't you like it when your familly thinks you are a failure

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Vancouver is going to have a problem and its excessive debt. The City will have to raise taxes to pay for all the stuff that has been built. Businesses are already struggling the city jacks up the taxes business can't take it and close.

    Look at the Province/Sun paper the company that owns it is going broke. The two Iconic news papers could be gone.

    The provincial gov't thinks Vancouver has a homeless problem now its going to get worse if small businesses move out of the city because they can't afford it anymore.

    What was driving the realestate prices up in other parts of B.C. was Albertans thats not so in todays market. The USA buyers dropped off to nothing there used to be lots of American buyers when the CND dollar was low. Now that the dollars are so close in value it is cheaper for CNDs to buy in the USA than it is here.

    All we can do is wait till next month is over and we get into March.

    It sure does feel like Winter Olympics when its pouring rain sure hope it turns into a monsoon for the month of February :laugh:
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    Well I can show you lake front property here in the North Georgia Mountains where people are paying a Million Dollars just for the right to lease the property. Yep thats lease it.

    You guys (contrary to what you think) do not have excessivley high living expenses nor do you have a corner on the only beautiful peice of land in North America.
    Hey! It's 2010! Wake up.
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    Just to set the record straight, on our end of the gravel hauling that Kiewet is getting, we are really f***ed up right now, 1 of the biggest pits that is supplying gravel, 2 partners have gotten into fist fights now because of the trucking rate under cutting going on at the other end, so now Kiewet is screaming for gravel, so they have to buy the pits off Sumas Mountain to keep their supply going.

    And I will be living on my own in 2 years, completley on my own, no roomies allowed.

    Unless that roomy is female.

    Better strap on a good looking set if tits and a brunette wig if you wanna live with me GR.
  4. tnmtn

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    so after reading your last few posts their is still no indication about what YOU are going to do to move forward in any direction outside of "wait till Feb." but then again i guess you have time to kill.
    good luck,
  5. Shadetree Ltd

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    I would not want facts to get in the way of a good opinion. :rolleyes:
  6. AWJ Services

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    It works for Canadians!:drinkup:
  7. DirtMerchant

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    What are you like 12 years old with daddy issues? Grow the **** up.

    Who gives a **** about what your family/friends/or anyone thinks about you.

    At the end of the day you're the only one you have to be able to go sleep/wake up with.
    Figure out your ****, be happy with yourself.

    I'm sitting in school for courses my family thinks are dead end jobs. Half my family dis-owned me because I stopped going to church. And by half I mean 50+ people I saw regularly. The only person that may be worth spending your whole life trying to impress is a woman aka a wife. And that is debatable.
  8. wannabemowing

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    Very well said, this thread is just a bunch of pissing and moaning with no solution about how GR is planning on changing things. Numerous people on here will post threads complaining about something but the major difference is everybody else does something about it!! That's why these guys run successful companies they roll with the punches even when times get tough and they adapt. It's all part of life!! Might want to take some notes from these guys GR.
  9. alco

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    Hey, Hey, Hey, don't lump us all in with this reject. I like facts to be facts, not just opinion. Some here....I'm not saying who....seem to think if it occurs to them, then it must be fact. But not all of us Canucks are like that.
  10. alco

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    And then 4 posts further down the line.

    Way to contradict yourself. I think your family is right.

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