Oh don't you like it when your familly thinks you are a failure

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Hi GR, take a look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unkIVvjZc9Y

    Guaranteed to be the best advice on this forum and it's tailor made for you.Thumbs Up

    Other than that, this thread is like some kind of slow motion mental/emotional train wreck. Why would you think posting a thread such as this is going to change the way your family is? Aren't you embarrassed to even do a post like this with your attitudes/reputation?

    If your family read this post they'd probably think they were damn right about you. This type of thread is what you'd talk about to a qualified psychologist, seriously man. The Internet forums are not your therapist.

    So get help or "harden the f*** up" You're in such a deep rut you can't seem to see out of it even when people tell you what it's really like above the rut.

    We're all tryin' to help if you'd only listen, Dave (Australia)
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    That video was awesome. Gotta love Aussies. :laugh:
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    Ditto, That was too funny. Watch some of the others as well, that guy is funny as hell!
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    For a while I was starting to think GR worked for lawnsite, these threads just go on and on:hammerhead:, I have now come to the conclusion that you just cant make this s##t up.
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    Well the familly got over the fact I bought another truck :laugh:

    The economy isn't looking so well yet so I'am glad I have a full time job. Talking to one of the neighbours and a few of his friends are laid off and don't know when they will be going back to work. My brother is having a tough time the companies he works for are not doing so well.

    Even the larger companies are not paying bills some owe other companies over 100 grand. Alot of the small companies like excavation contractors have stopped paying their bills they are running out of money.

    It doesn't looking like things are getting better I think there will be companies going T/U pretty quick they can't hang on for much longer. The people they worked for are not paying the bills so they can't pay any of the bills.

    I think the equipment dealers are not repo'ing any equipment because there is no market for it. The last couple Ritchie Bros auctions guys are taking 50,000-100,000 dollar loss on equipment.

    Have to see what happens the gov't says the un-employment rate is 8% I think its a little higher than that its pushing atleast 12%. Lots of self-employeed contractors are sitting at home making no money.
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    sounds like everything is in your favor then and the timing was excellant for you to invest in a newer truck for "business". you should get an great return on your investment.
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    I want to be ready to go to work if things do change I'am ready to go. Usually a little spurt of work happens and if your not ready you miss the boat which I did last year.

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