Oh God, not poison ivy already!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by michigangrass, May 24, 2003.

  1. michigangrass

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    Anyone have poison ivy already?

    I have a number of customers backed by wooded area and at times I do brush against a bush here and there...well I think I'm seeing those dreaded little bumps coming on.

    What's have you found to be the best solution for getting rid of it?
  2. Dave
  3. lawnkid

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    WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T WASH THAT AREA WITH SOAP! IT JUST SPREADS IT! I had it this past summer for like 3 weeks and it was a pain in the ***. Try Ivarest. It's a cream that should make it go away in like a week. And also go to your doctor and get a prescription for Prednisone. It'll be gone in a week, and also try to avoid sweating so wear liht clothing. Good Luck . If you need more advice do a search cause I know I got a lot of responses when I asked what to use.
  4. fblandscape

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    Oral Ivy. Just started back on it a couple weeks ago. If you already take any kind of medications or vitamins in the morning or night it's really easy to add into your daily routine. It works pretty well for me. I know a lot of guys also swear by Technu... but I have no experience with that. Also with Technu I believe you have to wash with that right after contact. Oral Ivy is just a couple drops in water each day and nothing else.

    If you aren't into getting on another medication... one thing to keep in mind is after you know you have been in contact with poison ivy, take a COLD shower. No hot water!
  5. TotalCareSolutions

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    When I was around 12, I would get Poison Ivy that made me look like the "Elephant Boy". I sat in a wood rocking chair in underwear, arms on rests, covered in Calamine Lotion, with newspapers underneath and a fan on me, watching TV. If I shut the TV off I could hear the 'ooze' dripping onto the newspaper. When I tell you I had it everywhere, I really mean EVERYWHERE. And when those golf ball blisters popped, why......

    I had to finally get shots as it began leading to Staff Infections. My level of alergicness seems to have diminished, I get a little on my legs.

    Thought id share a little memory
  6. I bet nobody has to point out Poison Ivy to TotalCareSolutions!

    MG, you'll learn one way or the other when to look for that stuff (growing or dormant). Catch it enough, and you'll be able to smell it, hehe. I won't mow or weed-whack even the smallest amount of it. Never know when you're weed-whacker needs new string, or hit a rock right after you mow some Poison Ivy and have to change a blade.

    I'll spray it with Spectracide's Brush Killer. That stuff doesn't act as fast as Roundup, but it stays dead longer.
  7. fblandscape

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    I was working for a woman last week. I pointed this dead tree to her which was COVERED with poison ivy. The woman has young grandchildren who I am sure play in the yard. She said though that she wants to keep the tree, and the poison ivy because it blocks out the view of her neighbors. Strange woman. :alien:
  8. TotalCareSolutions

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    This is actually not far from the truth, if your highly alergic. Doctor told me that the oils from the plant could in fact be carried down wind, and a highly alergic person (as I was), could catch it.
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    all I can say is.....OUCH
  10. NCSULandscaper

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    I have it on my arm right now. Have no idea where it came from, havent been around it this year. Might have been an old pair of gloves or something cause it stays in clothes and gloves for a few years.

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