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    I get an email from a builder we do alot of work for this evening. He forwards me an email he got from a lady who bought one of the houses we landscaped. She states that her husband cut the grass this weekend and struck several rocks, bricks, siding etc. She says the rocks and what not have punctured the deck on her mower. It gets better, her husband was struck "several" times by debris. Dang, we hand rake every yard and running over it with a pulverizer. Hand rake!! We remove all debris after it is raked up. What really gets me is the fact that this house was landscaped @3 months ago. No one watered the back yard after the install. There is not alot of grass there due to the lack or rain. The only rain we have gotten lately is gully washers. Anyways, sorry for the long post, just had to vent here. By the way, I landscape another house in the same subdivision tomorrow.
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    In all likelyhood there are rocks there. Not saying they were visible when you guys left the property. As we all know, most new contruction has loads and loads of fill, if not the soil is at least disturbed by all the equipment traffic. You also state poor care of the yard after you left, resulting in a crappy yard. Rocks always seem to migrate up to the surface after grading by dozers, weeks,months ,years after the lawn is raked and seeded. Also the rains may have taken an inch or more of soil away from the yard where the seed did not become established. Bottom line, I doubt it's your fault, the builder should have cared for the property until it was sold, after which time the homeowner should have assumed care, if you provided them a quality product when you left and they did not follow your instructions to make it a success it's on them. At least in my opinion.
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    call your insurance company and turn it over to them. Explain to them your practices and let them do the dirty work for you. Especially with the potential for a personal injury involved.

    Id love t know what kind of debris punched a hole in a mower a deck and what kind of mower it was...
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    They are probably from the Sue Me State of WV.

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    That's for sure. My house was built in 1967, and I'm still finding debris such as broken bricks, bottles and cans, and the other day a rusty wooden-handled hammer. I mow my own lawn, but homeowner in question obviously shouldn't if he doesn't have enough common sense to not run over rocks, bricks and siding with his lawn mower.

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    did you grade the property? iam not a veteran but around here nobody puts the topsoil back down they just smash rocks in and landscape rake the bricks up. nobody waters much here either most of my success seeding is the 8 lbs per 1000 i use
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    The above response is dead on the money! I have installed more lawns and recreational turf in NJ with state of the art equipment than i care to think about. If the customer finds one piece of debris in his yard then your off the list for future work. I can't add anything else that wasnt stated by forestfire except that tomorrow be on your guard.
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    Whatever, people become more stupid as the day gets long. The builder failed to inspect a "turn key/punch out" and the home owners didn't bother to walk their new yard and notice these obstacles ........... and that now this becomes your issue to deal with ?Why is the builder pushing this off on to you ? I'm quite sure your guys didn't put the siding or the brick in the yard. The rocks probably eventually heaved from the ground below. What crud !

    Sometimes I wish I was eighty :dizzy:
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    Went out to the site this morning. Iwent and inspected the property in question. Yeah, there were brick showing through the soil. Heres the thing, this builder uses no brick!! All houses are on slabs. NO BRICK!!. The brick were exposed in washed out spots on a slight hill. Well I'll be, how many times do YOU run your $59 push mower through a brick encrusted gully? I'd say once and then learn my lesson, but this homeowner, not so smart. In short, I do all the houses for this builder and agreed (to get this BEOTCH off his and my back) to come back and fix it. I feel like I punked out a little by doing this. My respect for the builder won out in the end. Hell, its not like I'm never out there. I'm there at least once a week. Anyways, an hour and $50 worth of seed and straw will make it all better. after all with 100 degree heat and little rain it should turn out just as nice as the first time.......

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