Oh man, that's ugly.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Stonehenge, Mar 14, 2000.

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    steveair,<br>I have a million dollar home near me that the people have been living in for about 5 years and it has NO landscape. Not even the cheap 2500.00 one!!<br>Mark A Musolf
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    At least you don't have to deal with park committees or boards, they collectivly must have the worst taste of all, I cringe at the meetings when they try to pick playground colors or plant material<p>----------<br>paul<br>
  3. Stonehenge

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    In our area, twice a year, builders showcase their talents in what's called the 'Parade of Homes'. New homes all decked out to get people fired up about the builders, interior/exterior designs, etc. Last fall, the biggest homes had the absolute ugliest scapes.<p>A 6,000 sq ft home had what looked like WalMart extras for plant material all around. Asking price for the home was over $1/2M, the scape was probably $2K.<p>There was one I really got a kick out of. The house is a 2 1/2 story, doesn't have much setback from the street, and the front is very vertical (about 40 ft worth). What did they plant? A few Dwarf Albertas and Globe Arbs. They looked like green ants standing next to a giant.
  4. richard

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    ours is called &quot;STREET OF DREAMS'...so ya know what i do for a livin'?,,,, i mow &quot;DREAM GREEN&quot;....with power reel...it's all pretty funny and in the overall scope of things we all lead these bizzaro crusades daily....it's kinda cool (but it can be heavy on the mind because we see human nature as well as the hort gig...i'm okay with it for now maybe i'll go PGA (they just built NEWCASTLE GOLF CLUB) sorry to run on with the zen thing but i'm sprayin' alot of iron...
  5. steveair

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    LOL to all of you!<p>I love hearing stuff like this, because it takes the edge off when the customer asks if the cut out of a lady bending over will look good in her new flower bed....
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    I once did an installation for a lady that insisted that I let her daughter pick the plants and tell me where to plant them. I faught her tooth and nail but she finally prevailed. I just bit my upper lip while she piled plants into the beds with no rhyme or reason. The job was in a prestigious area and right on a corner at that. I hurried my crew to get done the installation so we could leave. As it turned out I got a lot of compliments on that particular job and even got some work out of it. I still hate to look at it.
  7. dbroome

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    this is a great discussion. I priced a job just last month in a very nice subdivision. I feel your pain as i wasted a lot of time planning ( i even called the landscape arch. that i use) this crazy lady didn't want straw or any type of organic mulch used. why you ask? it makes you have &quot;coccaroaches&quot; hmmmmmm....<br>we drove by the place the other day and someone else had done the job. They planted twigs and called them trees. (bradford pears no less) suck!!!!! 1 gal Hollys galore (how original) and guess what they used for ground cover in the beds....... snow white rocks.....<br>traditional brick 400k home...My partner and I just laughed

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