Oh My Aching Back!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Charles, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Allure

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    I have experienced the same problem several times in the last month. When i went to my chiropractor & told her i had lower back pain that would not go away even when i did back stretches she stretched my hamstrings. I walked out of that office with no pain. Apparently the lower back & hamstring muscles work together.
    Also, stay hydrated!
  2. jpp

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    I have been doing leaves since the 2nd week of October and my back is still hurting. Even have a pain in the hip. Going to be calling the doctor Thursday to see if he can give me something for it.

    The only thing I can figure out is the darn bp is setting right on my back. I have adjusted the straps and everything.

    Hope you get over your back pain soon. My leaf season is almost over here. Well a couple more weeks and I am done.

  3. DAMSLandscaping

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    I’ve had pain on and off for about 2 years and its now all the time.. my legs and back hurt almost 100% of the time, sometimes just a little ache other times i can barely walk. Found out i got a ruptured (sp?) disk.. Not the best news at 19.
  4. jpp

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    That is not good. Get that taken care of asap.
  5. sunray

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    800 mg ibuprofen before you go to bed and when you get up helps alot.
  6. BBN

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    Allure nailed it. trecth your hamstrings daily. I had pain in my back soooo bad a couple of months ago and was ready to go back to my chiro. A personal trainer at my gym told me to at least try stretching my hamstrings for 3 days before going to the chiropractor and see what happens. I did just that and all my back pain was gone. My chiropractor further verified that if I stretched my hammys frequently I'd be making less trips to his office. Your lower back muscles, glutes and hams are all connected and the slow contracting of the hams pulls your back muscles and eventually your spine out of allignment. Keeping your hamstrings stretched will keep your spine in its correct allignment.
  7. freddyc

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    from one old man to another.... one word.. "velcro" LOL
  8. Charles

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    Thanks for the encouragement. The first day of the start of this event my hip was hurting too worse than my lower back.
    Yea, thats what I need to do is hamstring exercises. I also need to adjust the straps on the blower. Maybe they were uneven?
    I have been taking Bayer pain reliever and thats helped.
    I don't know about the velcro lol

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