oh my, the estimates... :rolleyes:

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    At least for me this is one of those times of the year EVERYBODY calls, right around now I'm getting a ton of calls from folks who haven't serviced their lot once, several from folks who haven't even dealt with the leaves except I can tell someone might've mucked around in there some, must be their version of a spring cleanup thou it is almost May and I've cut most lawns at least 2-3 times by now, you can imagine the various outcomes...
    Most of them indicate they want service ALL season :)
    Some mention they want one of each of the services on my ad (except core aeration, strangely, why not?)
    The last one was shopping on the phone, get out there and they're waiting outside, same kind of yard: Leaves, what grass there was a foot tall, and tons of dirt and crap... Someone said 'hey hows it going,' I took one look and said 'that you might need some help with this is without question but I am not putting my machine through this,' turned around and left (more so because I told the man $30-35 minimum, man I should've just stayed home :laugh:).
    Anyone else getting this?

    btw, them kind used to get me good, not anymore (been quoting some appropriate $70 - $400+ prices, depending on whether it was just the grass or with leaves and whether hauling was required or not). Nowadays I quote pretty high, then I watch the clock and if it abuses the machine it's $70 pmh, heh.
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    I've been on estimates of those sorts

    Here's how it ends

    "Sir!! You need a 85 horse John Deere with a bush hog for this mess!!!"

    Customer: "Whats wrong with that mower there on your trailer????"

    Me: Duh??????

    "M'am!!! You'll need a Cat D5 to get those hedges on that fence line up!!!"

    Customer: "Whats wrong with your weed wacker there on your trailer????"

    Me: DUH?????!!!!

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