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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by aabbeelljr, Feb 13, 2003.

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    Hello, My name is abel, and im interested in starting my own lawn care biz.For those of you out there who are tired of this same question,please excuse me,but i need some advise and some true feedback from you out there who have started out small and now are in the biz up to your chin.

    I have been sitting here at my computer for the passed 2 hours reading up on the different q&a's you guys have submitted,even took advantage of the search engine many times(thanks for input),but still i think there is nothing like direct feedback from all of you who know the biz inside and out,whether good of bad i was always told to flow with the punches,just dont let it knock you down,and if by chance it does get your *** back up!..but anyways my questions are what to do in the winter time, especially if you live in texas where you have maybe 1 or 2 snow days a calander year, and its freezing cold outside?Also I'm of course going to start out small and slowly progrese , but those commercial jobs for later what do u do, talk to the owner of the biz and sign a contract, and make sure you know your overhead pricing?Or is it all word of mouth?
    Another thing as far as bookeeping what is a commen starter package ,i;e invoices ,receipts,etc...And one last but not least question, i was thinking of doing this because of the low start up and high profit rate(I hope at least),and of course i've cut many a lawn growing up w/ my father having my bros and I doing all of the lawn work for him(maybe i can make all that money back...right?)...I was thinking of doing this until i get enough money to venture into the carpet cleaning biz..what advise would you guys give me on that sub......and the others??
    very appreciative and curious to hear your answers and experienced advise.

    Thanks for taking the time,
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    Lawn business is not jump in make big cash, jump out into carpet cleaning. To take a business from scratch to making some cash takes money, lots of time , and some serious work. Idont know what kind of lawn bus you want to start but it sounds like if you want cheap start up cost cleaning is your best bet.
  3. aabbeelljr

    aabbeelljr LawnSite Member
    from texas
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    No thats not it at all. I dont want to hop scotch around ,and play with this business like its some cheap investment. I want to venture out into other arenas after this,or even partneship with my bros....whatever the case may be....im not ignorant and think this is going to be a fly by night ,get rich quick and dump,kinda deal. Thats not it .....i'm simply keeping my options open for other possibe ventures in the future.Its always good to know you have somthing to fall back on.

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