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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowin4cash, Jan 12, 2001.

  1. Mowin4cash

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    Ok guys, go ahead and throw the stones. I know I've posted about this before, but I need even more info. Just need some ideas before the old brain melts down. I am trying to decide on another truck. Right now, I use a V-6 powered Dodge Dakota. A wonderful truck, but not for landscape work. I haul a 6X14 single axle open trailer. Need to upgrade to a 6X16 or 18 enclosed though. I need a truck that can pull a trailer loaded w/2 Dixie Choppers, one with a Trac Vac on it, a push mower, and the usual other hand tools. It will have to be the only vehicle, since I'm only a one man show for now, maybe one or two employees during the summer. Anyway, I also need it to carry a 200 gallon spray tank when I need to. It will have to be able to carry a large (10yds)load of mulch at times. I get so tired of carrying 2yds across town, spreading it, having to go back across town for 2 more, etc. About half of the residential yards I do get bagged, so I need a place to carry clippings and other debris as needed. It's so frustrating to have to tell Mrs. Customer that, "I'm sorry, my truck is full, I'll have to come back in a day or so and get these limbs and stuff from your yard". Again, tired of having to go twice a day to dump stuff. In the fall, that wonderful leaf season, I need to be able to carry a very large volume of leaves at one time. Again, the same old story of having to go back and forth several times a day to my dumpsite. Would be so nice to be able to work a couple of days at a time, then just go dump the whole thing on Friday evenings. Obviously, a 12' dumping stake body mounted on a ???. I've looked at the Ford, Chevy, and Dodge 1 tons. I've looked at the GMC/Isuzu cab overs. And just about everything else in between. What I "THINK" would be perfect is this............a 2001 GMC W-4500 (14,500 gvwr) 4 cylinder diesel (175 hp and 347 ft lbs torque) with the Reading REV PAC (large tool box sitting direcly behind the cab to carry the trimmers, chain saw, fuel cans, hedge clippers, etc). Then behind that, have a 12 dumping stake body complete with roll up tarp system on top. I would then use it to haul a 6X16 or 18 enclosed trailer, with the mowers inside. I wouldn't have to unload ever again!!!!!!!!!! Everything would be out of the weather, I'd always have every tool on the job. What a pain to have to dig up a sprinkler head, and you "forgot" to load a shovel! Anyway, I'd be able to have everything with me at all times, plus a traveling dumpster to put WHATEVER in. What do you think. Would the cab over be the best choice? What about a conventional 1 ton? Any of you guys own the cab overs and tow with them? Any other ideas before I have to dose up on valium, tequila, rum, bourbon, and demeral all at the same time just to get by. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. TylerAssociatesLLC

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    hmmmm, buy me one too...... i'll consider it an early b-day present.

    how much would something like that set a person back???
  3. gene gls

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    I just bought a 99 left over Mitsubishi, FE HD (short wheelbase). I am also going with a Reading 10' plat form dump.These trucks are becomming popular in my area for landscaping and every one I have spoken to is happy with theirs.Only you can decide on whats best for your opperation.


  4. southside

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    The Mitsubishi Canter (FE) is an excellent truck,very popular here with landscape suppliers.
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    Sounds nice,

    Only thing I can say is rethink the tool box behind the cab. They are nice, but are a pain to take toos in and out of. If you have the trailer, can't you store all that stuff in there anyways?

    Some storage is nice to have on the truck, but I guess it depends on how you plan to use it. Maybe a side box on each side under the dump would be sufficient enough.

    Also, if you go with a stake body, then try to get one with a barn door on the side. You will find this to be VERY handy. A company by be has a real nice set up.

    They have the barn door all the way at the front, curb side of their grain body. They put a wall in between the barn door and the rest of the bed, and then install their leaf loader on the side of the truck in the barn door and have a hole in the temporary wall for the blower. They bolt it down so they can dump the whole set up. Works great.


  6. Mowin4cash

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    Thanks steveair, I didn't think about the storage in the trailer. I guess it would be foolish to have a large tool box behind the cab if my trailer would always be with me.

  7. Toddppm

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    I'm looking at the same setup you are with the box behind the cab. I'll be hauling a chipper though not a trailer. Only problem i've run into so far is they won't build me body over 42" high because they have to certify it. So i'll probably go with the NQR to bump it up and be safe cause i want a little higher sides anyways and should have higher GVWR. I'm also getting the AISIN auto trans. can put a PTO on this one for the dump instead of electric over hydraulic.
    So far been quoted 26k for the truck (NPR) and $8200 for the body and boxes installed. What kind of price have they quoted you down there?
  8. thelawnguy

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    "It will have to be the only vehicle, since I'm only a one man show for now, maybe one or two employees during the summer. "

    Where do you store your equipment? A cabover will probably not work out if you have to overnight the truck in a residential area w/zoning etc.

    Seems you only need the high GVW for occasional hauling, if so why not sub out the occasional mulch delivery? Might cost you an extra 5 a yard but it seems like a waste to go and spend all that on a truck, insurance, maintenance, taxes registration just for a couple hours time savings.

    Not saying that the truck wouldnt suit your needs but these are some questions you need to ask yourself.
  9. TLS

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    Go with a 1 Ton SRW pickup with a dump insert. 10 yds of mulch is A LOT of mulch! That would fill up a 12' dump. If you go with my suggestion, you can put 6' sides on it in the fall for the leaves, and push a button to unload! Those cabovers are nice, but ever work on one? If you need the 14,000 GVWR, try a F450 or K3500HD (old style) with a dump body.

  10. Mowin4cash

    Mowin4cash LawnSite Member
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    "I'm also getting the AISIN auto trans. can put a PTO on this one for the dump instead of electric over hydraulic.
    So far been quoted 26k for the truck (NPR) and $8200 for the body and boxes installed. What kind of price have they quoted you down there?"

    My dealer (Capital Truck Center) told me it would cost more to do the pto setup than the electric motor. Didn't say how much, but I guess I'd rather have a little electric motor problem than a tranny pto problem.

    As far as a price, the best I've recieved is this:

    2001 GMC-W4500 (14,500gvw) 4.8 liter 4 cylinder turbo diesel, auto tranny, 5.375 axel, air, power windows, radio/cassette, 12' dumping stake body with solid headboard, barndoors in the back, back up alarm, mud flaps, nice mirrors, tax, title, tags. $34,436.15

    Just checked on a 2000 F-450 Powerstroke 12' dump exactly alike, cost about $2,000.00 less. So I JUST DON'T FREEKIN KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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