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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by The Lone Mower, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. The Lone Mower

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    Hi all,
    First off wanted to say what a great site and great info I have read over the last couple weeks here.

    I am a start up in the lawn industry, just have my business plan finished, and am working on building my equipment base. I will be a solo operator, mainly targeting residential accounts to begin with.

    I'll probably start with a 33 or 36 WB for the small yards that are prevalent in the "older" section of my area, and probably a 44 or 48 ZT or stand up for the larger turfs in the newer area of town.

    Of course a couple trimmers, blower, 21" push, brooms, spare parts, safety equipment etc.

    Hoping to find a nice enclosed trailer, but may settle on an open deck if nothing materializes in time to start.

    I'll be talking with my insurance guy next week too, so I'm covered and have that peace of mind "just in case". I'd hate to lose everything for a dumb mistake.

    I will also be offering small tree service (12" or less diam.) Trimming/pruning and removal- flush cut only, no grinding. Bush/hedge trimming, seasonal cleanups, mulching, seeding etc.

    May look in to ferts/pesticide treatments in a season or two. Will have to investigate licensing requirements on that.

    I hope it rains enough to keep us all busy, but not so much as to make our work miserable.

    Here's to green turf for everyone to service!



    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Welcome to Lawnsite. It's nice to see a new guy doing things right....licensing, insurance, etc. Good luck to you!
  3. ryanh11

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    Welcome aboard! I've been in for right under three years now and I'm lovin it. I cut part time on the weekends and it's just enough to give me extra money. One day I'll grow to a six figure biz. But I'm good for now. Just be careful with the pesticides. Read the post about the biz that paid $500,000 fine for misapplication. Good luck and happy cutting!
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  4. The Lone Mower

    The Lone Mower LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the welcome.

    As for doing things right- I used to mow years ago as a teenager, dragging a 20" push around the neighborhood for $10 a lawn. I learned the hard way what no insurance can do- $1200 for a stained glass window shattered from a thrown stone ate my profits for a few years...

    As for now, things are progressing slowly so far, we've adjusted our services outlook due to insurance costs. I'm looking to this as a learning season, trying to get up to speed and learn more, and start building a client base.

    We're pretty much set up with other equipment, just need a few other small things and a mower.

    And I'm probably making this harder than it needs to be, but am having difficulty deciding on what size mower to start with. Deciding between a 36, 40, or 48" WB. More than likely Toro, as the dealer is easy to deal with, and only 3 mins. from my house for parts and service.

  5. riivvers

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    Lawn service insurance is one thing, but when you say tree service expect rates much higher as risks are higher for accidents and damage.
  6. g21

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    Welcome to the biz Ron. Let me know if we can help with anything.

  7. The Lone Mower

    The Lone Mower LawnSite Member
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    Yes, I'm shopping around to see if we can find a better rate. If not, it's not that big a deal at this point and time.

    Although, I'd hate to see the lighty used Husqvarna chain saw I inherited just sit around. :rolleyes:

    Thanks for the welcome Tommy.


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