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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lindylawn, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. lindylawn

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    I am an new owner of a PG Magnum. I love the machine and up to this point I've had great results until I got a dreaded phone call from a customer who claimed he had streaks in his yard. I went to do the service call and he was definitely correct. Perfect lines, spaced perfectly apart, dark green. This property sits on a cul de sac, on a hill, and is about 2.5 acres. None of my other customers have any problems like this. The only difference is that I used Lesco 32-0-10 70% slow release on the lawn, as opposed to 32-3-8 30% SR on my other customers properties. Did I just have a mind meltdown and not open the third hole, or what? Any suggestions to "fix" the problem?
    Any fellow Magnum owners out there have any quirks with there machine?
  2. ant

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    lindy: sorry to hear about it.... i am a new owner also (3.5 hrs.)and would like to hear what replys are..

    i can say that my pattern is not a true 9 o clock to 3 o clock...it's more like 11 o clock to 4 o clock..
  3. Runner

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    There are several threads with posts on here about it, as well as the remedies. You have to go around in a counterclockwise oattern, and that wil cure your problem. I go around in a counterclockwise direction, then go in a clockwise direction to spray. That way, there is absolutely no confusion about where I've been.
  4. turf hokie

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    I have to go fix a lawn that I left the 3rd hole closed. Happens to everyone. 250 hours on the PG and one 10k lawn got striped. And it was my fault.

    I am going back to fix it with an all liquid app out of my 50 gal. (fert and iron)
  5. FINN

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    sounds like you got the one I sent back.
  6. Enviro Green

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    Sorry to hear about the stipes, but it happens to everyone. I still stipe one every once in a while if things aren't just right.

    We just hit it with more fert for free running the opposite way, and include some iron, and oh yes, apologize, but not for being stupid. Equipment breaks, a pin slipped loose and we didn't know, becuase we check on each lawn, and it was ok at the last lawn....but you know how things are, I am so sorry, I want to make another application at no cost to you beucase you are a valued client....

    Best of luck!

  7. Grandview

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    Sounds like operator error. Either third hole closed or deflector down. I have 160 plus hours on my PG, no stripes yet. I always go in a circle pattern to avoid striping. The pattern can be adjusted. Wind can cause striping also.

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