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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stslawncare, May 18, 2001.

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    ok, good thing? bad thing? should i? shouldnt i? OH NO QUESTIONS!!!!!!! well with only a week or two left of school, and a entire winter plus some of learning (from here mainly), i think im ready to take a jump in life! two years ago i took a jump and bought my craftsman mower blower tractor and weedwacker. that year i made $50+ a week. that winter i made $300!!!! now i am sure u are saying thats nothing i make that in a day. yes im well aware of that, at that time transportation was limited and i was only working on my street. this past year i have been doing my learning, from u guys, all the magazines, the firefighters that are landscapers, on the farm, and wherever else possible. So i got my first step of getting basic equipment, and second of learning. This year so far i have not taken on any jobs yet, things have changed then they were two years ago. mom has a van that she doesnt really care if it gets mud in it, her boyfriend has a jeep that will soon have a tow hitch, i plan to soon get a small trailer (trust me want a 16' but no where to put it and dont think jeep should pull one). I also soon plan to purchase new weedwacker and also a used walkbehind, once i have this i feel confident that i can manage a few good size yards and a higher level then some teen cutting lawns with a push mower. mean time what i have will do. major questions and concerns for me. from what it sounds a lot of u guys have licenses, certifications etc etc. As a 15 year old soon to be 16 what can i get?(b) what do i have to do to make STS Lawn Care a real business? (/b) i got the jackets, hats, business cards, software for accounting and all, but feel there is more i need? One thing i do want to tell u is i have great skills with microsoft small business and other softwares doing invoices, billing, and money management of different sorts. I am very mature and know the difficulties in the field very well, hard work, drought, nasty customers, im ready for it, i dont believe in sitting in air conditioning all day. Basically what do i have to do to ge on the roll?
  2. You will have to wait until you are not a minor which is age 18.

    Minors cannot legally execute a contract.
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    i went legal at 17. however i knew some people and didnt have much of a choice. i got the insurance, the business liscence, the tax id number, etc. it was tough though. banks arent even gonna want to deal with you at that age for a corp account. when i was 17 i went to a bank for a corporate account and they said no way. i went to a bank that i had been dealing with for many years and they didnt have a big problem with it. as for the insurance, i got what i needed for coverage. but again, you cant get into a binding contract at any younger than 18. i turned 18 the first of june that year. so it wasnt that bad. but you gotta watch yourself. also at that time i had a partner who was 18. so that helped.
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    Prepare yourself for the 18th BDay. Have some fun, chase some skirts, keep that Crafstman in good shape. You will have no trouble selling it to buy something better suited for your endeavor. Contact your States Revenue department to determine what is needed to do business. They will guide you through the steps.

    It sounds like you have done well with your research. Learning never ends. Be patient you'll do fine.
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    The age to get permits is probably a state to state thing, so i would chenck into it. You sould like a hard worker, im sure you will do great in this business
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    It's great to see that there are other kids my age out there with the working spirit. I know what you mean about buying equipment, I had a H*** of a time trying to get something bigger. Well, finally did so I'm set for a while. You've got jackets and hats, that is a great way to get out the name. I need to get polo shirts and hats as well, need to get them printed. I find that if you do good work, it will show out from the rest. It's starting to kick in for me. I got a call today for an estimate needed and one of my customers reffered me to another guy he knows so let 'er rip! I might also bid a condominium complex job that my mom manages (I love the inside part of business ;) ) so that will be easy $$$ because they can afford the services, unlike some of the cheap people out there. I'm really starting to fly. I went to a friends house tonight to mow his lawn after I picked up my Toro and he says "those other guys are gonna be running from you now!". My advice is to just keep pushing your name out. Go door to door and just drop business cards. It's working a little for me. And word of mouth is the best advertising and that's working for me too. So hang in there and kick some GRASS!

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    I got insurance, but what the point in haveing a
    BUSINESS LISCENCE,, Who;s going to ask you for that
    the business POLICE.

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