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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by AOD, Mar 22, 2010.

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    I suppose this is la bit overdue. This is my second time around giving lawn care a shot. The first time I had a few apartment complexes but I was more concerned about partying and drinkin beer to really give it a serious go, so it kind of fizzled. That was 2002.

    Since then I've slowly accumulated small equipment and a couple old trucks and figured I can try to give it a go again, but this time my scope is much bigger than just some partying money. I hope to grow my business into a full time venture and use some of the income to help my fiancee start her own taxi/courier service.

    In addition to some of my own lawn care experience, I have worked for a municipal parks system for the last 5 years. Working there I gained lots of hands on experience with all sorts of mowing, large area mowing, flower bed care, koi ponds and hardscaping and I also became the hedge trimmer guy because nobody else wanted to do it. I am hoping after this season I can completely be off on my own and have self-sufficient income.

    I appreciate having this site as a resource and the advice that other LCO's have to offer.
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    Some guys can grow fairly quickly if they spend the money to advertise and market their business accordingly. I've been a part-timer for a decade and have decided to build it up with some advertising myself. I need a new trailer anyway, so I figure now is as good of a time as any to increase business. I started out similarly, had 16 res accounts and over the years that held steady as I'd gain accounts through word of mouth. Most were elderly folks, so the account would only last a few years on average.

    I won't go full time this year, but knowingly I don't want to sit around as much as I did last year either. Parked equipment doesn't bring anything in. I just got use to the low overhead costs from running smaller equipment and greater profit. I just like being able to set my own hours (within reason of course) that comes with owning a business.

    My old business got the best of me and before I knew it, I was hooked on sleeping in the office and so I bought a second business. I realized my mistake and sold everything while the getting-out was good before I started to feel the effects of literally, working myself to death. Lawn work is much more relaxing, at least I find it is. And it's exercise that I need.

    In my area, I'd have to get a 3/4 ton truck to do plowing in the winter to make a sustainable year round business with decent income. Otherwise I'd be lucky to see $40K before all expenses with just summer work alone.

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    Welcome to Lawnsite! Good luck to ya!
  4. AOD

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    Thanks guys.

    I already put in one bid for a cemetery and did not get it, I think I might have bit off a bit too much for my first year of bidding jobs. I'm hoping to get some small businesses and apartment complexes. In this area there's not a strong demand for residential mowing unless it's older people or in the ritzy part of town. I market my services to older and disabled people who need lawn work done for a reasonable price, but Ia lso enjoy the commercial mowing as well.
  5. g21

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    We can really help you with that bidding process. Don't hesitate to ask us for help.

    Good Luck

  6. AOD

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    Thanks guys!

    I've got quite a few bids out there, I'm afraid some might be a bit low, esp. the apartment complexes I've bid on. I am a fairly good judge of how long it takes to do what from mowing parks for years, I should be allright.

    Gonna look at a new (2 me) truck tomorrow, yay!
  7. IndianSprings

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    AOD, good to see you over from the saw site. After several years of running commercial equipment and being in the business half heartedly, we finally incorprated this year and got after the commercial business instead of focusing on the residential. So far we have done very well on bids, it started out slow, but we just about have all we want to do without expanding.
    Hang in there man, the best advertising is the quality of work you do once you start!
  8. AOD

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    Thanks IS.

    This year is make or break. I really need to get a few good paying accounts to pay for some of the capital I have out there. Tomorrow I'm looking at a new (to me) truck, one that will handle my big trailer better than my tired old Dodge.

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