Oh Yeh!! I Finally Got Some Revenge!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by befnme, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. befnme

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    I had a guy in town that had a little lot that he lived on in a 1 bedroom house.he is low income and the lawn only takes about 5 min to mow and trim by myself.any way he has always him hawed around about paying me.and this time is no different. he put me off paying for 3 weeks.while i still mowed.so after my last mow i say to him "you now owe me 45$"he goes crazy saying he cant afford these hi rates.he says i'll just mow it my self .and says it aint even worth the 15$ i give you.i say ok then mow it but you still owe me 45$.he told me he would have the money the following thursday.thursday came and went with no $$$.then he calls me the following wednesday and says i got your money but i need my yard mowed i say ok i"ll be there monday to mow it.so i show up with no mower and say it is down in the shop for a few days. :D yeh i lied.but i say i would like to get paid then he reluctantly gave me the money and i said i would be back in a few days to mow it. :D yeh i lied again!pretty sh%tty of me wasn't it.but i got paid.and i aint goin back.oh yeh it's up to his knees now :laugh: :laugh: i hate lying but d@mn it all i had to get some releif.
  2. lawnguyland

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    That is completely unprofess.....I mean glorious. Absolutely glorious. Score one for you, none for them! Yeah, I'll be back, never.
  3. Rhett

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    Get his attention and let him know that you will be back to mow it for 45 since he allowed it to go for so long. Of course that is in advance. By the way how can you mow at 15 and make money?
  4. MMLawn

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    Back in the early 90's I spent two years going in and out of Clinton and Sampson County working undercover on a MJ Drug Task Force based out of Raleigh that none of the local LE even knew about and I would say your statement above covers 90% of that county based on what i saw.
  5. S man

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    I've had one like that. I cut for a lady who owns the house who lives in texas. Well she gets some low class people to rent it. They don't keep the place nice. Actually it should be a house in a third world country. When I cut the lawn the lady in texas pays me ( She's real honest and reputable) and then after that the low class people living there wanted me to do a clean up job of trash in the yard and debris. I thought with the lady being as good as she is with paying me I thought these people will do the same. I do the job and she doesn't have the money. After a lot of weeks going back and her not having the money I call the lady in texas. She says they should pay me. Well the low class people get in a fight with me about the money and they say they're will pay me and said next week and will have it. The phone conversation ended with a hang up. Then she calls me next week with the money. I go down and talk to her. She gives me SOME of the money and then says to keep in touch because she wants it mowed again. This is the low class lady who siad not to come back and we already have someone else. Well they keep calling me and I said we will see I don't know when I can do it trick. Then they get mad and leave me alone. Then it looks like the house is empty. The lady in texas evicted them. So they really wanted to get some more free work. I hate those dishonest crazy customers. :angry:
  6. green-go

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    He already said that it only takes about 5 minutes to mow and trim. Sounds pretty good to me.
  7. splatz100

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    There should still be at least a 20 or 25 minimum, but that is just me.
  8. LALawnboy

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    same thing happened to me earlier this year. i was completely screwin myself by keeping up with this guy's yards and him never having the money. so finally i stopped. this was a pita i picked up where i do a few houses in a row. well im out there cuttin one day and he comes to talk to me. "can you knock out my yard today?" he asks. "No sir, you owe me xx dollars from previous cuts." well he pays me the amount he owed and is like are we good now? so i told him he'd have to start prepaying before each cut. needless to say, his yard isn't taken care of anymore. funny thing is its him, his wife and their 2 kids in the house and they have 4 cars....but never had the money to pay me on time.
  9. Richard Martin

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    Believe it or not there are areas of this great nation of ours where a 20 or 25 dollar minimum will put you out of work. I have seen people so poor that they could only afford to buy 2 and 3 cigarettes at a time. A whole pack (@1.49 a pack) was out of the question. It wasn't that they didn't want to work, there's just no work for them to do.
  10. outsourced

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    When faced with these types of ethical questions, and remebering that a lie is a lie, I ask myself "What would my Grandmother say?" She would say to go cut the old dudes yard and then tell him that was your last time. If you don't, then that will come back to haunt you some day.

    Not worth the bad karma.

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