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    Can someone explain the difference between OHC and OHV, and witch one is better. I ask this because Honda offer both engines, but one for commercial and another for home use. Thanks.
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    OHV=Over Head Valve,,the valve and rocker arm assembly is mounted over head of the cylinder and is worked by push rods from the cam below in the crankcase.
    OHC=Over Head Cam,,the cam and valves and rocker arm assembly (some OHC engines have no rocker arm assembly as such) and a belt runs from the crankcase up to the cam over head to work the valves. This belt is just like a timing belt and must be timed just like one. As for which one is better lets just say me and oil soaked belts do not get alone.
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    Adding to this, what is the difference between the Honda's GXV,GCV and GSV engines? Are all of these OHC engines? and, why Honda call's them OHV/OHC?Thank you.
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    The GXV engine is an over head valve commercial grade engine, GCV engine is a home owner grade Overhead cam engine, the GSV is a home owner grade overhead cam engine. The GXV has a cast iron sleeve and bearing on the crank shaft, the GCV has to be ordered with bearing and has no cast iron sleeve, the GSV has a cast iron sleeve and has to be ordered with crank bearings. As far as timing belt in oil I have had to replace only 2 in the last 4 years and that was due to cam gears breaking on el cheepo pressure washers. Hope this clears things up for you.
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    well said.

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