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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by 04TurfT, Apr 10, 2006.

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    Gahhhh, I posted last night about my engine not hittin high RPM's and makin a weird noise.... I thought it was just my carb out of adjust or a float stuck or somethin... So I took it to where I bought it they broke it down and gave me a call... The guy told me that I had debris/grass buildup in some kind of vents underneath the engine cover, and that had caused the engine to overheat, therefore causing the the head to waller out and become warped then the rod was just flopping back and forth he said... he told me all that before he told me that it would luckily be covered under warranty... I bought the mower last October, and only have bout 25 hrs on it,and it's a 2004... has anyone heard of this happening??? Oh yeah and how do you clean the vents that caused the big problem?... Thanks alot, Josh
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    The way I see it looks like the top cover needs to come off to clean around the fins properly. You may be able to use a long tip blower with compressed air poking in all little gaps and holes in the covers and thru the grass screen on top. There is a updated service bulletin attached, Lucky you for sure this time but maybe not next time.

    Keep her clean.

    Good luck

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    Wow, no, I have never heard of that happening.
    It is the first time I have heard of an overheated engine being covered under warranty like that. Usually they do not cover something caused by operator neglecting maintenance.

    Might want to keep your shoes on though in case their warranty claim comes back denied and they sock you for the bill. haha.. get it? shoes and sock in one statement.

    In honesty.. be prepared for this to come back denied.
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    You are one lucky guy if they cover this....you should never never take a machine in for warranty unless it is cleaned spotless. The oil needs to be changed, filter cleaned, plug, etc etc etc.
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    Thats the first thing I thought too, There's no way I would cover something like this. :nono:
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    I tell you one thing. If I had a mower with only 25 hours on it and some grass got underneath the engine cover and caused it to overheat. Then they tried to deny me warranty coverage, the poop would be hittin' the fan. Yes, we should try to keep our machines cleaned as much as reasonably possible but they are intended to be used in dirty environments. After only 25 hours on a commercial mower, if grass clippings got somewhere to cause overheating, a design flaw is pretty apparent to me.

    I keep my machine as one of the cleanest and professionally looking around, but we shouldn't have to baby something meant for commercial use.:)
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    Ya Know, If this is a 04 unit and was purchased in Oct. 05 I'd be willing to bet it sat in a warehouse somewhere and rats built a nest inside the blower housing. I had a customer call me out to his house 3 times in one summer to pick up his Gravely because it wouldn't start. Each time I found a nest on top of the cylinders and both coil wires chewed slap in two. The fix the last time was stainless steel loom slid over the plug wires and some added steel screening in some of the larger holes.
    It's hard to believe it would get that bad in just 25 hrs. use, Possibly the unit manufacturer has had this problem in the past, Who knows !
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    yeah the guy told me like 10 times that he aint never seen anything like it and it wasnt really my fault... but i sorta feel like it was, but honestly I didnt even know to clean those, or obviously I would have cause I keep the rest of the machine up really well... I take back what I said, he said that kawasaki may not cover it, BUT that he would stand behind it just cause I aint had it long, or used it much before something like that happened... I dunno I'll get back to yall cause he's supposed to call me on Wed. Hope for the best... After that it makes me wonder what else there is that I might be neglecting on my mower... damn :dizzy:
  9. Restrorob

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    Didn't they give you owners manuals on the unit and engine ? If they didn't I sure would request them.
  10. 04TurfT

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    no they didnt give me any manuals, but I've downloaded the parts one and the operators one soooo I've got those... thanks for the fat replies, this site is awesome:drinkup:

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