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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by JRSlawn, Jan 7, 2005.

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    I am looking to get certified in applications here in Akron, I have been reserching the net and can't find a number to call. I really need to get cert before spring due to my commercial accounts. Does anyone have a number I can call or someone I can contact for this? Is the test hard? How much will I really need to study?

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    Call The Ohio Department of Agriculture in Reynoldsburg at 614-728-6987 to get info on how to recieve your study material and when & where to take the test.

    Some think it is hard others do not. I am certified in 4 caregories and passed all tests the first time I took them. But then I had a boss back when I started that took the test 7 or 8 times before he could pass (and he had a Masters in business and marketing).

    Study the material, take a class if you can find one (ask the folks at ODA) and most importantly know what the hell you are doing before you go out and start throwing pesticides around on the ground.

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    You will probably need the study materials first try this # 614-292-7541 or614-292-6441.Hope this helps good luck.
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    You can go to the ODA website to download and print the application form.


    That is what I did. Fill it out and send in your $35. I think it took about 2 weeks for them to send the materials. You will also get a list of all the testing sites and dates with the material sent.

    BTW, I take my test on Jan 12th. Anyone have any pointers on areas to focus on? Other than core, I am taking cat 8 for turfgrass.
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    Know your weeds, insects and diseases and mode of control for each.
    Know type of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.
    Know your pesticide label very very well.
    Know posting and notification laws.
    Know PPE, storage and handling information.
    Know what to do in case of contamination or uncontrolled release.
    Know you financial responsibility requirements.
    And most importantly (again) ...Know what the hell you are doing BEFORE you go out there spreading pesticides around your community.

    Remember this, acquiring the license only indicates you have the ability to study for and pass a test. Half of the certified applicators in my area don't know crap about what they are really doing. Don't rip off your customers by simply stopping at getting certified. Give these people what they are paying for (and you are charging them for) and what they deserve = a responsible and knowledgeable professional that not only can push a spreader and pull a hose but also one who knows the technical/scientific aspects of turf management. One who knows how to implement sound practices that produce the results that are desired. One who will not diagnose every little brown area of turf as grub damage whether it is or not.

    Spending time in this forum is a good start but it is not enough. I was fortunate enough to have received outstanding training and was employed at a couple of different companies for 5 years before I went solo into applications. You should continue to read as much as you can, take as many classes as you can, try to find another Certified Commercial Applicator to mentor you and if you must, hire a knowledgeable Certified Commercial Applicator to work for you until you know what you are doing.

    Good luck,


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