ohio fertilizer test


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Preparing to take the Ohio license examinataion. Just looking for tips, suggestions, or feedback as to how to prepare for and do well on the test. Thanks for any and all input in this matter.


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Be sure you have covered all the material they have given you in the test packet. The student handbook is something fairly new since it was never around when I took the test many years ago, but it will help you be prepared well. Be sure to know the label and the info for the core test as well. Do some weed ID, as there will be some basic weed ID on the test, especially some summer annuals. Good Luck, and go Potters!

hole in one lco

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rocky river ohio
Go to your local lesco dealer and see if they offer classes thats what i did. Here is a anther way just go take the test then you will know what is on it and then study that.