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    Im thinking of adding fertilizing on to my list of services. I live in Ohio so I will have to take to the exam to become certified also I need get insurance. Im new to the Insurance world that being said if some one can give me some advise such as a website or a number I can call. I also was wondering where you buy bulk fertilizer. I heard john deer was good but didnt find much on there website These are the guide lines for the insurance: INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR PESTICIDE BUSINESS AND REGISTERED LOCATION LICENSES
    A Pesticide Business License will not be issued without a Certificate of Insurance. A comprehensive general liability insurance
    policy and either a separate professional liability policy or endorsement covering liability from the application of pesticides are
    required. The policy shall provide coverage for bodily injury, property damage, products & completed operations, and shall contain the
    following minimum limits of insurance: $300,000 general aggregate; $300,000 per occurrence limit; and $300,000 products and
    completed operations aggregate. The Certificate of Insurance must show the policy number, endorsements that insurance
    covers liability arising from the application of pesticides, name of agent. The company name and address must match exactly
    the name you list on your application. If your company uses a DBA this must be indicated on the Certificate of Insurance, - For
    Category 12 - WDI requirement: a specific liability policy or endorsement in the amount of $50,000 per occurrence with an aggregate
    limit of $100,000 covering claims which arise from errors or omissions in the performance of wood-destroying insect diagnostic
    inspections. The certificate must state professional liability for WDI or errors & omissions, not "pesticide endorsement" and
    not "including operations". COI REQUIRED WITH APPLICATION
    Thanks for your help

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