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    Under $3k the bank doesn't hold a check for clearance... forget it... its a scam don't even waste your time
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    E mails sent to me...

    I am ashamed to tell you this. I can't be reached by phone I have a neck infection.. Feel free to ask me anything by email

    The mower is in El Paso, TX.

    I want to finish this deal through eBay International Trading. They will hold your payment and release it to me only after you will receive, inspect and agree with the mower. I will give you 3 inspection days.

    I will start the shipping in the same day with the payment confirmation.
    The delivery process to your location will take 5-6 days.

    Tell me if we can get the ball rolling and I will contact eBay regarding our transaction. after that they will send you the information of the purchasing.

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    walk away.

    Nice easy day for me today, just heading out to spray some properties, then work on the equipment. After busting ass all week, I will enjoy today.
  5. carl b

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    how have you all been ?

    I'm selling my Exmark 60" soon . It has a 1 year old 25 hp Kohler on it ocd , but it needs new front rims with bearings. what do you think its worth ? ( the reason I'm selling is the tax man told me to buy something )
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    Yeah absolute scam... If its legit hell use paypal as a payment method thats the only true escrow service through ebay that offers buyers protection which refunds you for non received items... Any thing else is a scam.... plus many craigslisters dont ship especially cars mowers boats etc...
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    Doing good here Carl, how about you?? I am glad May is over. Went out this morning got in the truck and picked up a mower to take to get fixed. I think it is the coupler on the transmission but not certain. Anyway, drop the mower off, went to see if they had a 36 rental unit in the barn but nope they did not. Walking back to the truck, I noticed somebody had sideswiped the passenger side sometime over the weekend. Called the dealer and they checked their video and it did not happen there. Boy am I at a lost to what happened. I even put my other truck up against it to make sure I did not do it. But the force of impact had to shake the truck so I would have known if I hit the thing. Sorry for the rant but this thread has been slow anyways. :laugh::waving:
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    I'm following carl. What do you guys think a 06 exmark 60" 28efi with 1000 hours is worth? Thinking if I can off it for around 5k and get a new one I'd be right at the cost per hour I figured with keeping it for 2500hours but have a new mower again with a warrenty.
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    Well, I found out Wednesday that the transmisson went on the scag 36. Get that back next sometime, in the mean time I used a 21 on the back yards that normally get the 36. That added some extra time to the routes this week. lol Oh well, it happens, I just dealt with it an moved on.
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    Well, I just saw that my last post was number 9999, so lets make this one 10,000 for the Ohio Thread. lol

    Seriously though, anyone else still have snow money out there?? I do. Unbelieveable. Next year I want to put a clause in where I charge interest on late payments. Anybody else do that????



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