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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Sydenstricker Landscaping, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Mahoney3223

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    I plan on starting clean ups in late March mowing by First week/2nd of April at the latest. Every year I've been in business we mow the latest April 15-20. Some years like in 2010 it was April 1st. Back in 07 I mowed last week of March. Get those early mows in to make up for the inevitable brown out in July
  2. jpp

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    I see yet another change has been done in the last couple of weeks here. Not sure if I like the new setup, but I guess it would be easier to go to the central thread and find us there.

    Letters are going out this week to all customers with pricing and telling them spring cleanups will be going in the next couple of weeks. Got to move a skid of calcium out of the way to get the mowers out to do oil changes and change blades.

    Hope the green season is better then the white season. :)
  3. hannalie

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    Thought you fellas from the Ytown area would enjoy this from craigslist. Just says a lot about the area.

    I have 16x8 foot inclosed trailer 20 HP 0 tern torro with track vac 7000 0 tern 1500 track vac rakes walk behind. Bran new weed whacker. And 02 f150 4x4 130k miles. Grate work truck or every day ride Lil rust around to bottom of truck ..every thing else is like new.have pic of Truck but if your for real call or text if you want to see don't feel like answering 1 million? Come look, if you want. have money and I have all papers tern over to you dun deel no.trades. cash. And not desperate not a sales man just moving & don't have room for all my stuff 330-518-0247 25 k for it all obo no low ballers
  4. kc2006

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    Lmao is that michaels?
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  5. hannalie

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    Nah 25k is way too high for that company.
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  6. yard_smart

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    We have a clean up scheduled for Thursday and a house wash scheduled for next Monday. Home show is this weekend so I'm sure we will pull a few jobs off of that with an expected attendance of 30K+ . . . . . With the addition on the Frisch's and Golden Corrals on top of the other commercials we already have and the apartment communities I sold this winter. We will start clean ups 2nd week of March. Weather pending - Start mowing last/first week of march/april....
  7. kc2006

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    Frish's are awesome, I wish we had one around here
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  8. yard_smart

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    they are even better when they are paying you instead of them paying you. lol
  9. OneLineAtATime

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    Been running estimates all day.... Bring on the sunshine

    Anybody want to buy some salt.... LOL :cry:
  10. GrasshoppersLLC

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    Looking forward to starting some clean ups in the next cpl weeks.... I hope we can all get an early start on the mowing this year... Last year was terrible with all the rain!! Good luck everyone

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